Sealife Centre!

At the end of July my boyfriend and I visited the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We probably visit once a year and it makes a lovely day out. The entry fee you pay for the Sealife Centre supports the breeding, protection and rescue of sea creatures. It is nice to feel like we can have a nice day out and our money goes toward a good cause. The Birmingham Centre has a specific focus on otters and seahorse conservation. (Website link if you would like to find out more).

Have you been to the Birmingham Sealife Centre? Or another Sealife Centre? What did you think?

Here are some of my pictures:


Otters Playing








Mixed Fish Tank




Puffer Fish






Grumpy Fish




Fish Pool


Sea Worms


Hammer Coral




Ray and Fish



The jellyfish were my favourite. They are so hypnotising the way they float around!

IMG_0453 IMG_0446 IMG_0444 IMG_0354 IMG_0353

We got these amazing pennies from a penny press too!


What is your favourite sea creature?

What do you collect when you visit new places?

Love Lou xoxox


Rain Rain Go Away….

After the lovely hot weather over the past few weeks the rain (and storms) have started! I think that now it has started it is never going to stop!



DSC03973 DSC04081DSC04015 DSC03994

DSC04049 DSC03991

How is the weather where you are?

Love Lou xoxox

The Idea Room May Photo Challenge

1 Colourful

Day 1: Colourful

2 Path

Day 2: Path

3 Empty

Day 3: Empty

4 Water

Day 4: Water

5 On My Desk

Day 5: On My Desk (Printer)

6 Today

Day 6: Today

7 Flashback

Day 7: Flashback – My brother and I found our old sunglasses and cap!

8 Sugary

Day 8: Sugary

9 SUnglasses

Day 9: Sunglasses

10 Something New

Day 10: Something New – Cassandra!

11 Sunset

Day 11: Sunset (Cheat from France)

12 Mom

Day 12: Mom – Mom and me!

13 A Friend

Day 13: A Friend – My crazy brother

14 Memory

Day 14: Memory – Graduation

15 Outdoors

Day 15: Outdoors

16 Sky

Day 16: Sky

17 Favourite SOng

Day 17: Favourite Song – Fave song on my new album

18 Messy

Day 18: Messy – My messy draw

19 Plastic

Day 19: Plastic

20 In The Morning

Day 20: In The Morning

21 Up High

Day 21: Up High – On my way home from France

22 Fragile

Day 22: Fragile

23 Scary

Day 23: Scary – Classic horror book

24 Square

Day 24: Square

25 Tool I Use

Day 25: Tool I Use – Pen

26 Sunshine

Day 26: Sunshine

27 Cheerful

Day 27: Cheerful

28 Knick Knack

Day 28: Knick Knack – My new favourite knick knack

29 Furniture

Day 29: Furniture

30 Rug

Day 30: Rug

Did you do the photo challenge this month? What did you think?

What was your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox


April Photo Challenge Days 11-30

Wow this month has gone quickly! Here are days 11-30 of the photo challenge.

11 Detail

Day 11: Detail – detailed photo frame with one of my graduation pictures in

12 In The Middle

Day 12: In The Middle – hidden in the middle of the rock is loads of time crystals. How amazing is nature?!

13 View From Your Bed

Day 13: View From Your Bed – before bedtime!

14 Water

Day 14: Water – running a bath

15 Alone

Day 15: Alone – tiny cactus alone in its capsule

16 Favourite Colour

Day 16: Favourite Colour – red, black and white

17 Busy

Day 17: Busy – shopping in ASDA.

18 Hello

Day 18: Hello – Mr. Pickles say hello!

19 Button

Day 19: Button – buttons on my phone

20 On Your Mind

Day 20: On Your Mind – Food. Always… And my Brothers Girlfriend’s Birthday

21 Fire

Day 21: Fire – Garden Candle

22 Blury

Day 22: Blurry – plants!

23 Time

Day 23: Time – always ticking away on my pocket watch

24 I Saw This Person Today

Day 24: I Saw This Person Today – my boyfriend

25 Life Is...

Day 25: Life Is… – sunny and bright

26 Childhood

Day 26: Childhood – sweeties that remind me of my childhood

27 Earth

Day 27: Earth – in the lemon tree pot

28 My Sunday

Day 28: My Sunday – my family & I went for a curry

29 I Wore This Today

Day 29: I Wore This Today – Rocket Dog boots

30 Glasses

Day 30: Glasses – don’t judge my huge glasses collection haha

I can’t believe it is May tomorrow!

Have you completed the April challenge? Or a different photo challenge?

Here is the May challenge for FMS:

Will you be taking the challenge?

Love Lou xoxox

Photo Challenge Days 6-14

6 Chair

Day 6: Chair – the chair in my room

7 Fear

Day 7: Fear – that it will rain all summer!

8 Favourite

Day 8: Favourite – spending time with my favourite person (my boyfriend)

9 Faceless Self Portrait

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait – messing with the settings on my camera to get maximum blur as I moved

10 I Want

Day 10: I want… – Nemo wants all the pennies!

11 Important

Day 11: Important – my brother is 21 today!!

12 Into The Distance

Day 12: Into the distance – the sun, treetops and clouds

13 Sound

Day 13: Sounds – Hello Kitty headphones, a present from my brother last Christmas!

14 Tasty

Day 14: Tasty – yummy pizza lunch with my boyfriend

How are you getting on with the challenge?

Days 1-5 here.

Love Lou xoxox