Bournville Adventure

My Mom and I took a walk around Bournville in March and I forgot all about the pictures! I had to share them:

DSC07799 DSC07889 DSC07908 DSC07914 DSC07920 DSC07921 DSC07927 DSC07936 DSC07951 DSC07963 DSC07964 DSC07967 DSC07969 DSC07973

Have you visited Bournville? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox


April Photo Challenge Days 11-30

Wow this month has gone quickly! Here are days 11-30 of the photo challenge.

11 Detail

Day 11: Detail – detailed photo frame with one of my graduation pictures in

12 In The Middle

Day 12: In The Middle – hidden in the middle of the rock is loads of time crystals. How amazing is nature?!

13 View From Your Bed

Day 13: View From Your Bed – before bedtime!

14 Water

Day 14: Water – running a bath

15 Alone

Day 15: Alone – tiny cactus alone in its capsule

16 Favourite Colour

Day 16: Favourite Colour – red, black and white

17 Busy

Day 17: Busy – shopping in ASDA.

18 Hello

Day 18: Hello – Mr. Pickles say hello!

19 Button

Day 19: Button – buttons on my phone

20 On Your Mind

Day 20: On Your Mind – Food. Always… And my Brothers Girlfriend’s Birthday

21 Fire

Day 21: Fire – Garden Candle

22 Blury

Day 22: Blurry – plants!

23 Time

Day 23: Time – always ticking away on my pocket watch

24 I Saw This Person Today

Day 24: I Saw This Person Today – my boyfriend

25 Life Is...

Day 25: Life Is… – sunny and bright

26 Childhood

Day 26: Childhood – sweeties that remind me of my childhood

27 Earth

Day 27: Earth – in the lemon tree pot

28 My Sunday

Day 28: My Sunday – my family & I went for a curry

29 I Wore This Today

Day 29: I Wore This Today – Rocket Dog boots

30 Glasses

Day 30: Glasses – don’t judge my huge glasses collection haha

I can’t believe it is May tomorrow!

Have you completed the April challenge? Or a different photo challenge?

Here is the May challenge for FMS:

Will you be taking the challenge?

Love Lou xoxox