Pink Hello Kitty Nails!

Yes, really!

I brought some Hello Kitty nail stickers on eBay for 99p and decided to test them out with a handful of my pink nail varnishes.

Yes, I did go a bit crazy using shimmer, glitter and crackle polishes and MUA fur.

I do love how they came out, they made me feel like a big kid again!

DSC00491 DSC00493

What do you think?

Love Lou xoxox


The Idea Room May Photo Challenge

1 Colourful

Day 1: Colourful

2 Path

Day 2: Path

3 Empty

Day 3: Empty

4 Water

Day 4: Water

5 On My Desk

Day 5: On My Desk (Printer)

6 Today

Day 6: Today

7 Flashback

Day 7: Flashback – My brother and I found our old sunglasses and cap!

8 Sugary

Day 8: Sugary

9 SUnglasses

Day 9: Sunglasses

10 Something New

Day 10: Something New – Cassandra!

11 Sunset

Day 11: Sunset (Cheat from France)

12 Mom

Day 12: Mom – Mom and me!

13 A Friend

Day 13: A Friend – My crazy brother

14 Memory

Day 14: Memory – Graduation

15 Outdoors

Day 15: Outdoors

16 Sky

Day 16: Sky

17 Favourite SOng

Day 17: Favourite Song – Fave song on my new album

18 Messy

Day 18: Messy – My messy draw

19 Plastic

Day 19: Plastic

20 In The Morning

Day 20: In The Morning

21 Up High

Day 21: Up High – On my way home from France

22 Fragile

Day 22: Fragile

23 Scary

Day 23: Scary – Classic horror book

24 Square

Day 24: Square

25 Tool I Use

Day 25: Tool I Use – Pen

26 Sunshine

Day 26: Sunshine

27 Cheerful

Day 27: Cheerful

28 Knick Knack

Day 28: Knick Knack – My new favourite knick knack

29 Furniture

Day 29: Furniture

30 Rug

Day 30: Rug

Did you do the photo challenge this month? What did you think?

What was your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox


Pink Fur Nails!

I called into Superdrug with my boyfriend last week and he spotted this MUA ‘nail fur’. It sounded pretty cool so I picked up the hot pink to test it out. Here are the results:


I only did the one furry nail on each hand to test it out and see how long it lasts for. I was surprised that it lasted for just over 3 days before slightly chipping/wearing away on the edge.


It was definitely easier to use than I expected. Just paint your nails and dip them into the fur until all of your nail is covered. I did 2 coats of the fur as I found one coat still had a lot of nail showing through. I was lucky as my Bourjois Paris nail varnish matched pretty much perfectly!




Have you tried fur nails? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox

Valentines Day Pink Heart Cookies Tutorial

For Valentines Day I cooked my family and boyfriend pink heart shaped cookies. Very quick and easy to make and delicious!

Here is the recipe:


Again it is a recipe from my Moms old Mary Berry cake book. Best. Cake. Book. EVER. I did change the recipe slightly. I used pink buttons instead of chocolate chips and added pink food colouring to make the cookies pink.

This is what you will need:


Heres how they came out:


They were more like cakes than cookies but still delicious!

Firstly, you want to add in your ingredients to mixer (not the buttons/choc chips or food colouring yet)


While it is mixing you can preheat the oven and grease the tray with butter (to stop the cookies from sticking.


When the mixture is a dough form add in around a half a teaspoon of food colouring. Mix up. If not pink enough add more food colouring until satisfied with the colour.



Smash the buttons into pieces, I used a rolling pin, then add them into the dough.


Stir in the buttons evenly and spoon onto the tray.


Place in the oven for 15 minutes before checking on it. While cooking choose you cookie cutters.


When it is cooked it will be slightly golden and bouncy to touch.


Wait for it to cool completely before cutting out your shapes.





What did you eat on Valentines Day?

Let me know if you make up the cookies, I would love to see them!

Love Lou xoxox