The Idea Room May Photo Challenge

1 Colourful

Day 1: Colourful

2 Path

Day 2: Path

3 Empty

Day 3: Empty

4 Water

Day 4: Water

5 On My Desk

Day 5: On My Desk (Printer)

6 Today

Day 6: Today

7 Flashback

Day 7: Flashback – My brother and I found our old sunglasses and cap!

8 Sugary

Day 8: Sugary

9 SUnglasses

Day 9: Sunglasses

10 Something New

Day 10: Something New – Cassandra!

11 Sunset

Day 11: Sunset (Cheat from France)

12 Mom

Day 12: Mom – Mom and me!

13 A Friend

Day 13: A Friend – My crazy brother

14 Memory

Day 14: Memory – Graduation

15 Outdoors

Day 15: Outdoors

16 Sky

Day 16: Sky

17 Favourite SOng

Day 17: Favourite Song – Fave song on my new album

18 Messy

Day 18: Messy – My messy draw

19 Plastic

Day 19: Plastic

20 In The Morning

Day 20: In The Morning

21 Up High

Day 21: Up High – On my way home from France

22 Fragile

Day 22: Fragile

23 Scary

Day 23: Scary – Classic horror book

24 Square

Day 24: Square

25 Tool I Use

Day 25: Tool I Use – Pen

26 Sunshine

Day 26: Sunshine

27 Cheerful

Day 27: Cheerful

28 Knick Knack

Day 28: Knick Knack – My new favourite knick knack

29 Furniture

Day 29: Furniture

30 Rug

Day 30: Rug

Did you do the photo challenge this month? What did you think?

What was your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox


Sewing History Part 1

My Mom was a self taught sewer and made all of my cute clothes as a kid (see pics for 2 of the dresses she made for me).

ill scratch your eyes out

With my Dad and brother on holiday (loving my posing :’) LOL)

oh mickey mouse

Meeting Mickey with my brother in Disneyland Florida

She also let me use her machine (supervised) from around 6/7 to make clothes for my dolls and teddys, after teaching me a few basics. We were always being arty or crafty in some way, as she tried to keep me entertained! But, as all kids do, I got to an age where it wasn’t cool to wear clothes made by your mom and my crafting and sewing kind of fizzled out. When I reached 16 I found a love for vintage style clothes (mainly dresses) but I found no store brought clothes fit me how I wanted them to, even the ridiculously expensive ones. This is when I became interested in sewing again. I started off with a few basic skirts (here are my faves)


South Park Skirt


‘Circus’ Skirt (the stripes remind me of the circus!)


Starry Sky Skirt


Purple Lace Skirt


Sparkle Skirt

Sadly, I couldn’t find pictures for most of my old favourites that I made while learning the basics. The main one that sticks in my mind is a cute Alice in Wonderland style dress. So cute! Here are a few early projects I could find images of:


Corset with full skirt


Corset with ruffle skirt


Basic leopard dress

I wish I still had most of them so I could retake pictures but most of them became too big and I sold them on eBay.

What were your first sewing projects like? Do you still have them?

Love Lou xoxox