Bournville Adventure

My Mom and I took a walk around Bournville in March and I forgot all about the pictures! I had to share them:

DSC07799 DSC07889 DSC07908 DSC07914 DSC07920 DSC07921 DSC07927 DSC07936 DSC07951 DSC07963 DSC07964 DSC07967 DSC07969 DSC07973

Have you visited Bournville? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox


Sealife Centre!

At the end of July my boyfriend and I visited the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We probably visit once a year and it makes a lovely day out. The entry fee you pay for the Sealife Centre supports the breeding, protection and rescue of sea creatures. It is nice to feel like we can have a nice day out and our money goes toward a good cause. The Birmingham Centre has a specific focus on otters and seahorse conservation. (Website link if you would like to find out more).

Have you been to the Birmingham Sealife Centre? Or another Sealife Centre? What did you think?

Here are some of my pictures:


Otters Playing








Mixed Fish Tank




Puffer Fish






Grumpy Fish




Fish Pool


Sea Worms


Hammer Coral




Ray and Fish



The jellyfish were my favourite. They are so hypnotising the way they float around!

IMG_0453 IMG_0446 IMG_0444 IMG_0354 IMG_0353

We got these amazing pennies from a penny press too!


What is your favourite sea creature?

What do you collect when you visit new places?

Love Lou xoxox

Idea Room July Photo Challenge

1 Out Of My Window

Day 1: Out Of My Window – On the way to Tenerife

2 Reflection

Day 2: Reflection

3 Red

Day 3: Red

4 Celebrate

Day 4: Celebrate – With delicious pasta!

5 Sweet

Day 5: Sweet

6 Close Up

Day 6: Close Up

7 On My Screen

Day 7: On My Screen

8 Up

Day 8: Up – The mountain

9 Toy

Day 9: Toy

10 Motion

Day 10: Motion – Hot air balloon!

11 Black & White

Day 11: Black & White – Lucky gecko from Tenerife

12 Sometimes I

Day 12: Sometimes I – Like to read in the garden

13 An Emotion

Day 13: An Emotion

14 Share

Day 14: Share


Day 15: What I Wore

16 Begins With T

Day 16: Begins With T

17 Eat

Day 17: Eat

18 Smells Delicious

Day 18: Smells Delicious

19 In My Neighborhood

Day 19: In My Neighbourhood

20 Love Is

Day 20: Love Is

21 Cool Drink

Day 21: Cool Drink

22 An Ordinary moment

Day 22: An Ordinary Moment

23 Below

Day 23: Below

24 Play

Day 24: Play – Baking

25 From An Angle

Day 25: From An Angle

26 Weather

Day 26: Weather

27 Shadow

Day 27: Shadow

28 Old

Day 28: Old

29 Today I Am

Day 29: Today I Am – Thinking about travelling….

30 Pretty

Day 30: Pretty

31 Summer i

Day 31: Summer Is – For adventure and enjoying time with loved ones

How was your month of July? What did you get up to?

Love Lou xoxox

Tenerife 2013

Last week I returned from a week long break in Tenerife with my boyfriend. We had a lovely relaxing stay at the Oasis Mango located in Los Cristianos (south of the island). The weather was beautiful all week; very sunny, breezy and hot.

We spent a lot of time walking around discovering the local area and scenery. As well as eating way too much delicious food and relaxing by the pool/beach we picked up lots of cool trinkets and souvenirs!

We were planning on visiting the highest point in Spain, Mount Teide, but a mix up with coaches meant we couldn’t go. Although this does give us a very good excuse to go back again sometime!

Here are some of our pictures:

DSC02602 DSC02609

DSC02684 DSC02696 DSC02690 DSC02688

DSC02728 DSC02775


DSC02864 DSC02822 DSC02810

DSC02809 DSC02795 DSC02793 DSC02790

DSC02905 DSC02907


We enjoyed lots of delicious food!

DSC02704 DSC02926

Have you been to Tenerife or another Canary Island? What did you think?

On our way home we stopped off in Nottingham. We were too tired to do much but we will be going back to visit the castles and Sherwood Forrest!

DSC02959 DSC02969

Have you visited Nottingham? What do you do there?

Where are you going on vacation this year?

Love Lou xoxox

Idea Room Photo Challenge June 2013


The Challenge

1 Breakfast

Day 1: Breakfast – Cereal bar

2 In My Hood

Day 2: In My Hood – Cat graffiti

3 Colour

Day 3: Colour – Rose cake

4 Play

Day 4: Play – Fun dentist game

5 Road

Day 5: Road

6 Lawn

Day 6: Lawn

7 Reading

Day 7: Reading – looking for crafty inspiration!

8 New

Day 8: New – New age for my Dad, it’s his birthday!

9 My Smile

Day 9: My Smile

10 Pet

Day 10: Pet – Nemo!

11 Chocolate

Day 11: Chocolate

12 Jump

Day 12: Jump

13 Exercise

Day 13: Exercise

14 Dinner

Day 14: Dinner – Toad in the hole

15 Father

Day 15: Father

16 Home

Day 16: Home

17 Blue

Day 17: Blue

18 Today I

Day 18: Today I – Have been sewing!

19 Groceries

Day 19: Groceries

20 Upside DOwn

Day 20: Upside Down

21 Jewellery

Day 21: Jewellery

22 Sisters

Day 22: Sisters

23 Hapiness Is

Day 23: Happiness Is – Naps in the garden!

24 Hug

Day 24: Hug

25 A Favourite

Day 25: A Favourite

26 Game

Day 26: Game – Fun and educational….

27 Leaves

Day 27: Leaves

28 A Pattern

Day 28: A Pattern – New fabric!

29 Big

Day 29: Big – Such a great film

30 Transportation

Day 30: Transportation – In the car

What pictures did you take during June?

Are you doing any photo challenges?

Love Lou xoxox

FMS Photo A Day June 2013


The Challenge

1 B is for

Day 1: B Is For – Binoculars!

2 A Moment

Day 2: A Moment – Baby swans

3 On My Table

Day 3: On My Table – Fathers Day cross stitch

4 After Dark

Day 4: After Dark – Fox sat under the street light

5 Environment

Day 5: Environment – Bluebells!

6 Transport

Day 6: Transport – Aeroplane

7 Bright

Day 7: Bright – Bright skies

8 An Animal

Day 8: An Animal – The robin in our garden

9 From Down Low

Day 9: From Down Low – In the garden

10 You!

Day 10: You!

11 SOmething Funny

Day 11: Something Funny – Yes I am wearing a moustache :’)

12 11 O Clock

Day 12: 11 O’Clock – Watching the birds in the garden

13 Kitchen

Day 13: Kitchen – The oven

14 Texture

Day 14: Texture – Pretty flower

15 From Above

Day 15: From Above – Pebbles

16 Family

Day 16: Family – With my Mom and Dad

17 Centred

Day 17: Centred – Flowed centre

18 Street

Day 18: Street

19 Currently Reading

Day 19: Currently Reading – An actual book! (Not my kindle!)

20 Cute

Day 20: Cute – Tiny baby moorhen

21 Lunchtime

Day 21: Lunchtime – Hula Hoops!

22 enjoyinh Life

Day 22: Enjoying Life – My boyfriend’s birthday party

23 Last

Day 23: Last

24 Negative Space

Day 24: Negative Space – Rubbish at the bottom of the garden

25 Sharp

Day 25: Sharp – Alaska blade

26 Empty

Day 26: Empty – Bottles ready for recycling!

27 Into The Sun

Day 27: Into The Sun(set)

28 Red

Day 28: Red

29 In My Bag

Day 29: In My Bag

30 Handwriting

Day 30: Handwriting – In my diary

We are officially half way through the year now!

Did you complete the June Photo Challenge? What did you think?

Which is your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox