Holographic Nail Polish

I finally got to test out my other Layla nail polish in 01 Mercury Twilight. It looked so amazing but I have to say I think 08 Flash Back is still my favourite! (see post here).

Here are some pictures:

DSC02534 DSC02536

The hologram nail polish doesn’t last for long but I still love it so much!

Have you tried holographic nail polish? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox


Pink Hello Kitty Nails!

Yes, really!

I brought some Hello Kitty nail stickers on eBay for 99p and decided to test them out with a handful of my pink nail varnishes.

Yes, I did go a bit crazy using shimmer, glitter and crackle polishes and MUA fur.

I do love how they came out, they made me feel like a big kid again!

DSC00491 DSC00493

What do you think?

Love Lou xoxox

MUA Magnetic Nail Polish in Kings Road

I picked up 2 of the MUA magnetic effects polishes in Superdrug as they were on offer. Just £3.50 each or 2 for £4 (if I remember correctly?). I tested out the Kings Road polish first. Here’s how it looks on:





Personally I prefer it to the other more expensive magnetic polishes I have used. I found the effect was nicer, worked better and was easier to use. The Kings Road polish also has glitter in it which makes the effect look even better than most ‘normal’ magnetic polishes.

Have you tried the MUA magnetic nail varnish? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox

Barry M Mint Texture Nail Polish Ridley Road

I have already tried out the Atlantic Road Barry M texture polish (here). The pastel mint Ridley Road texture polish was just as good, possibly even better (I love the colour!). Here’s how it looked:






The texture polishes last longer than I thought they would. This one also lasted for around 3-4 days before chipping.

Have you tried this colour? What did you think? Do you like mint?

Love Lou xoxox

Caviar Manicure!

Yes I finally did it! I tried the caviar manicure!

I have to say it is so weird. It only lasted on my nails for just over a day and a half as it felt so weird and little balls kept dropping off my nails all the time! It looked so cool but I think I would only use it again for a night out or special occasion. They are too high maintenance for everyday.

Here are some pictures:

DSC00286 DSC00284

I used nail caviar from Claires Accessories (purchased at Clothes Show Live). Possibly more expensive caviar would last longer and feel nicer on your nails?

What do you think? Have you tried nail caviar? Do you like the look of it?

Love Lou xoxox

Big Box Of Nail Goodies!

My Aunt visited from Wales a few weekends ago and brought me a big box of nail goodies! Here is a picture of it all:


I cannot wait to test it all out!

It included:
– A nail dryer
– Lots of different polishes
– Nail foils with adhesive and top coat
– Nail stamps
– Nail art pens

I couldn’t wait to test it out so I had a go with some of the foils. They are really good fun! I had never seen or heard about them before. You add the adhesive, leave it for a few minutes them rub on the foil and add a topcoat.

Have you tried them before? What did you think?

Here’s how they looked:


Thank you so much for this massive box of goodies!

Love Lou xoxox

Glitter Nails

I tested out my Technic nail varnish!


Close up:


It came out good but my little finger smudged while I was asleep (hence why I cut it of the close up!). It is a great nail varnish and I will definitely use it again and recommend it!

Here’s what I used:

DSC08042Have you tried this polish before? What do you think?

My black nail varnish is running out! Do you have an recommendations?

Love Lou xoxox