Pink Hello Kitty Nails!

Yes, really!

I brought some Hello Kitty nail stickers on eBay for 99p and decided to test them out with a handful of my pink nail varnishes.

Yes, I did go a bit crazy using shimmer, glitter and crackle polishes and MUA fur.

I do love how they came out, they made me feel like a big kid again!

DSC00491 DSC00493

What do you think?

Love Lou xoxox


MUA Magnetic Nail Polish in Kings Road

I picked up 2 of the MUA magnetic effects polishes in Superdrug as they were on offer. Just £3.50 each or 2 for £4 (if I remember correctly?). I tested out the Kings Road polish first. Here’s how it looks on:





Personally I prefer it to the other more expensive magnetic polishes I have used. I found the effect was nicer, worked better and was easier to use. The Kings Road polish also has glitter in it which makes the effect look even better than most ‘normal’ magnetic polishes.

Have you tried the MUA magnetic nail varnish? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox

MUA Foundation Review

I brought the new MUA matte perfection foundation on my last trip to Superdrug (along with a few new nail varnishes!). I chose the ‘fair’ colouring in the foundation as I am really pale! It cost £2 from Superdrug.


On the MUA website it is described as:

“The perfect blend of skin care and make up, the Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation leaves your skin with a flawless matte finish whilst keeping shine at bay all day. The light-weight formula evens and enhances your facial features without hiding the skin and the sheer soft hint of colour gives your skin a healthy dewy glow all day!” (link)

Personally, I found that it was thick and quite heavy compared to the usual light coverage that I wear. I guess this would not bother a lot of people but I do not like to feel like I have anything on my skin. When fully blended in it gave a nice coverage and evened my skin tone. You could still see my freckles through it but some how it still felt quite thick!

Here’s how it looked:




I found that it blended well with my skin and the colour was a good match. Also, as stated, it does last all day and still looks good at the end of the day. It wasn’t 100% matte but did give a ‘dewy glow’ (as they describe) and definitely stopped my face looking shiny.

Overall, I think it is an excellent foundation for the price (only £2!) and therefore I would definitely recommend it to a friend if they were looking for a cheap everyday foundation. However, if you do not like to being able to feel your foundation on your skin, you should avoid this foundation.

Personally, I prefer my more expensive and better quality foundations from Clinique and Maybelline which are very light and you cannot feel on your skin. However, this is good as a cheap everyday alternative and I will definitely use it all up.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think? What is your favourite foundation?

Love Lou xoxox