Reading: The Creep

Where to start with this book….

Well, at the beginning there was a warning about sex and violence. Normally I just think ‘yeah, yeah’. But seriously there is loads and LOADS of sex and violence. Be warned. No really….

Overall I enjoyed this book, the story and characters were interesting, but just as I was warned there was possibly too much sex and violence. Mostly sex. And weird inappropriate sex at that. However, do not let this put you off reading the book, it is still a good read. I found the story kept me reading and wanting to find out more and I love the twist at the end of the story, I did not see that one coming!

The Creep by John T Foster (link)

On Amazon this book seems to divide people with the majority giving either a 5 star rating or a 1 star rating. It seems this book is like Marmite; you love it or you hate it with no middle ground. However, personally I would rate this book (and Marmite) in the middle ground as a 3/5.

I downloaded this book as a free read but this book is now £2.49 on Amazon. I would recommend it if it is free or reduced in the future.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox