Idea Room July Photo Challenge

1 Out Of My Window

Day 1: Out Of My Window – On the way to Tenerife

2 Reflection

Day 2: Reflection

3 Red

Day 3: Red

4 Celebrate

Day 4: Celebrate – With delicious pasta!

5 Sweet

Day 5: Sweet

6 Close Up

Day 6: Close Up

7 On My Screen

Day 7: On My Screen

8 Up

Day 8: Up – The mountain

9 Toy

Day 9: Toy

10 Motion

Day 10: Motion – Hot air balloon!

11 Black & White

Day 11: Black & White – Lucky gecko from Tenerife

12 Sometimes I

Day 12: Sometimes I – Like to read in the garden

13 An Emotion

Day 13: An Emotion

14 Share

Day 14: Share


Day 15: What I Wore

16 Begins With T

Day 16: Begins With T

17 Eat

Day 17: Eat

18 Smells Delicious

Day 18: Smells Delicious

19 In My Neighborhood

Day 19: In My Neighbourhood

20 Love Is

Day 20: Love Is

21 Cool Drink

Day 21: Cool Drink

22 An Ordinary moment

Day 22: An Ordinary Moment

23 Below

Day 23: Below

24 Play

Day 24: Play – Baking

25 From An Angle

Day 25: From An Angle

26 Weather

Day 26: Weather

27 Shadow

Day 27: Shadow

28 Old

Day 28: Old

29 Today I Am

Day 29: Today I Am – Thinking about travelling….

30 Pretty

Day 30: Pretty

31 Summer i

Day 31: Summer Is – For adventure and enjoying time with loved ones

How was your month of July? What did you get up to?

Love Lou xoxox


FMS Photo A Day July

1 Happiness Is

Day 1: Happiness Is – That holiday feeling!

2 Shoes

Day 2: Shoes

3 Cold

Day 3: Cold – Delicious ice cream!

4 Red White Or Blue

Day 4: Red, White Or Blue – Blue Fountain in Playas Las Americas

5 Love

Day 5: Love – My new Hello Kitty phone cover!

6 Fave Smell

Day 6: Favourite Smell – Lolita Lempicka Perfume

7 Where You Are

Day 7: Where You Are – In Tenerife!

8 Path

Day 8: Path – To the sea

9 3 Things

Day 9: Three Things – Dessert!

10 Smooth

Day 10: Smooth – Sand sculpture

11 I Wore This

Day 11: I Wore This – Summer dress

12 Bad Habit

Day 12: Bad Habit – Sweeties!

13 4 O Clock

Day 13: 4 O’Clock – In the garden with Nemo

14 Edible

Day 14: Edible – Hello Kitty Ice cream

15 Outside The Window

Day 15: Outside The Window

16 Bottle

Day 16: Bottle – My Dad’s fancy whisky

17 Inspirational

Day 17: Inspirational

18 Numbe

Day 18: Number

19 Building

Day 19: Building – Aston Webb, University of Birmingham

20 Hot

Day 20: Hot – At the Nature Centre!

21 Fave Food

Day 21: Favourite Food – Curry!

22 Grey

Day 22: Grey

23 I Drew This

Day 23: I Drew This – Sewing pattern label

24 D Is For

Day 24: D Is For – Dream

25 Ground

Day 25: Ground

26 The Everyday

Day 26: The Everyday – At the market

27 Black & White

Day 27: Black & White

28 This Is New

Day 28: This Is New – Pressed penny from the Sea Life Centre

29 Perspective

Day 29: Perspective

30 Friendshi

Day 30: Friendship – My best friend and boyfriend

31 Workspace

Day 31: Workspace – Sewing!

What do you think of the prompts from last month? What is your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox

April Photo Challenge Days 1-10

Here is the April FMS photo a day challenge:

Here are my first 10 pictures:

1 Play

Day 1: Play – music on my ipod!

2 Blue

Day 2: Blue – gorgeous blue skies

3 Something Beginning With A

Day 3: Something Beginning WIth A – an A-Z

4 This Happened Today

Day 4: This Happened Today – beautiful sunset

5 Something good

Day 5: Something Good – A sunny day so I could test out my Hello Kitty Sunglasses and new CK lipstick!

6 Air

Day 6: Air – getting some fresh air on a walk

7 Dreamy

Day 7: Dreamy – Nemo (AKA Nemo Dreamo or Dreamy)

8 On Your Plate

Day 8: On Your Plate – cheesecake and ice cream dessert

9 Tiny

Day 9: Tiny – small turtle charm my Dad gave me earlier this week

10 A Place

Day 10: A Place – Selly Manor tudor house

Are you doing this photo challenge this month? Or another photo challenge?

See more/all of the pictures from January on instagram @louslabyrinth (link)

Love Lou xoxox

The Idea Room March Photo Challenge!

Along with the FMSphotoaday challenge I also decided to complete the idea room photo challenge during the month of March. I enjoyed doing 2 photos a day but did slack with daily posting on instagram (sorry!).

This was the challenge:

Here are my photos:

1 Clock

Day 1: Clock – clocks in my bedroom

2 Morning

Day 2: Morning – we found all of these pigeons sitting on the wall!

3 Kitchen

Day 3: Kitchen – my kitchen at home

4 Where I Sat

Day 4: Where I Sat – having an hours break watching Discovery ID on TV

5 Sharp

Day 5: Sharp – knife set from Ikea

6 What I Wore

Day 6: What I Wore – new Sanrio squirrel fluffy socks!

7 Hair

Day 7: Hair – my hair

8 A Mess

Day 8 – A Mess – made a mess while cooking cookies!

9 Homemade

Day 9: Homemade – 21st birthday cupcakes for my brother

10 Favourite Drink

Day 10: Favourite Drink – Dr Pepper Zero, so delicious!

11 Texture

Day 11: Texture – a rose my brother was given for his birthday from a friend

12 Fridge

Day 12: In My Fridge – on the drinks shelf!

13 A Treat

Day 13: A Treat – treated myself to my first MAC lipstick! I love it!

14 Share

Day 14: Share – sharing the love with a hug token

15 Tiny

Day 15: Tiny – tiny chocolate bear from my boyfriend

16 Sun Rays

Day 16: Sunrays – we actually had some sunshine!

17 Green

Day 17: Green – mini green buttons!

18 Where I Went

Day 18: Where I Went – shopping trip in town

19 On The Floor

Day 19: On The Floor – pebbles, snow and flowers!

20 Above

Day 20: Above – chandelier in my bedroom

21 Hat

Day 21: Hat – my brothers batman cap

22 Sometimes !

Day 22: Sometimes I – eat brownies and ice cream!

23 A Pair

Day 23: A Pair – new Hello Kitty slipper!

24 A Dream

Day 24: A Dream – Nemo (his nickname is dreamy or nemo dreamo)

25 Shiny

Day 25: Shiny – shiny money box full of shiny pennies (sort of…) haha.

26 Work

Day 26: Work – preparation for law tutoring

27 Smooth

Day 27: Smooth – yummy flan

28 Flower

Day 28: Flower – found on a walk home

29 I Brought

Day 29: I Brought – a postbox to store my jewellery in!

30 Fresh

Day 30: Fresh – tomatoes!

31 Celebrate

Day 31: Celebrate – easter cake!

Did you do this challenge this month? Have you done any idea room challenges? How did you find them?

Love Lou xoxox

Pancake Day: White Choc Pancakes!

It was Pancake Day yesterday so I used an edited version of this recipe. They came out amazing and looked great and most importantly they tasted delicious. Best pancakes EVER and trust me I used to eat a heck of a lot of pancakes.

When Marie from Why Not Moi? (link) asked what the meaning of Pancake Day was I realised that I had never really thought about it before. So I looked it up (here) and thought it would be nice to share the origins of pancake day with everyone.

Pancake day history:
– Shrove Tuesday is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday and is therefore the final day before the commencement of Lent, a Christian festival leading up to Easter Sunday.
– The name Shrove comes from the old word “shrive” which means to confess. On Shrove Tuesday, in the Middle Ages, people used to confess their sins so that they were forgiven before the season of Lent began.
– Shrove Tuesday is a day of celebration as well as penitence, because it’s the last day before Lent. Throughout the United Kingdom people indulge themselves on foods that traditionally aren’t allowed during Lent. Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent.
More info here

Here are the pancakes that I made:


Okay, so there is only pictures of one at a time and yes this is because my Dad and I were too busy shoving them in our faces 😉

Here are some more pictures of making the pancakes:









Best pancakes EVER.

Did you have pancakes for Pancake Day? What recipe did you use?

Today is Ash Wednesday when people give up something for lent for 40 days. Usually I don’t bother giving anything up but this year I am giving up chocolate. Are you giving something up for lent?

Love Lou xoxox