I LOVE to read!

Since my childhood I have loved reading. I was always one of those quirky kids with loads of books. Well I guess I still am just older! Haha.

I got a Kindle for my Birthday last year and wasn’t sure I would like reading on a screen and not on paper but honestly, it is AMAZING!


My Kindle

I recently finished reading ‘The hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared’ by Jonas Jonasson. Yes the name is kind of silly but it was a really good book. It was about the hundred year old Swedish man called Allan, and his interesting life story. It has some very funny sections and links many famous people and events during his lifetime very cleverly. At only 20p it is a bargain! I highly recommend it.

100YOM packshot (060112)

Yesterday I finished the ‘Turtle Boy’ book by Kealan Partick Burke. It only took me 2 nights to read as it is a short novella, plus it kept me gripped the whole way through! It was a free read on Amazon and I really enjoyed it. I won’t spoil the story but seriously, it’s free: download it! I’m thinking of downloading the next in the series.

Image.ashxI’m looking for another book to start now. What are you currently reading?

In other news, my Mollie Makes and Cloth magazines came in the post.


Click for website link

I decided to try Cloth magazine as it looked good and they have a subscription offer of 3 magazines for £5 (click here for a link). So after having a quick look through I think it is definitely worth the 3 issues for £5 but I don’t think I will keep up my subscription after the offer ends. Here are my favourite projects:


Faux Fur Stole


Customising tights


iPad satchel case

Have you brought or read this magazine before? What did you think?

When Mollies Makes comes through I always get excited and this issue was not a disappointment.


Click for website link

These are my favourite projects this issue:


Cover project


Felting project

Not sure I will make up the free gift as I already have an awesome free bus pass cover!


My bus pass cover

What are you favourite magazines?

I also subscribed to the Gathered magazine on the iPad for 1 year, always inspiring with lots of fun projects and ideas (link). They definitely make Fridays more fun!

Love Lou xoxox