Reading: Lillan’s Story

I have been putting off writing this review for over a month as I have been feeling totally uninspired by this book. It’s not that it was a terrible book but it just wasn’t great.

At first it was very hard to get in to and I nearly gave up as I found the ‘ye olde’ writing style annoying and sometimes unreadable but I would not let it beat me (I have to finish a book when I have started it! I don’t know if you are the same?). As the story developed the writing style did improve and I found Lillian to be a likeable character. However, the story just seemed to be missing something, I’m just not sure what? Additionally, I found it impossible to try to remember who all of the different people were and their names; I kept finding myself  having to back track to find who they were. As a few other reviewers have said, the way the story jumps around is also quite irritating. The ending was a disappointment, letting me feel like maybe I should have given up after the first few pages.

Lillians Story by Sally Patricia Gardner (link)

It was free when I downloaded it but it is now £2.56 in the Kindle Store. I would recommended it to try for free but not as a paid book. However, this is just my opinion and Lillians Story has a lot of really good reviews on Amazon so if you fancy it don’t let me put you off!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox