Idea Room April Photo Challenge

1 Fun

Day 1: Fun – sorting my drawers out in my newly decorated room

2 Jump

Day 2: Jump – my brother jumping

3 In My Car

Day 3: In My Car – on the bus

4 Spring

Day 4: Spring – flowers!

5 Your EVening

Day 5: Your Evening – watched Walking Dead!

6 Chore

Day 6: Chore – tidying my wardrobe

7 Outside

Day 7: Outside – in my garden

8 Yellow

Day 8: Yellow – SpongeBob watch

9 Share

Day 9: Share – PEZ sweeties!

10 Three

Day 10: Three – delicious churros

11 Under

Day 11: Under – hiding under Mr.P

12 A Brand

Day 12: A Brand – Apothecary lipstick set

13 Sign

Day 13: Sign – love this bicycle sign!

14 Favourite Room

Day 14: Favourite Room – my bedroom!

15 Number

Day 15: Number – number 8

16 Your Sky

Day 16: Your Sky – cloudy

17 Im Reading

Day 17: I’m Reading – Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann

18 Special

Day 18: Special – charm bracelet given for my 12th Birthday.

19 I Feel

Day 19: I Feel – like snuggling up with movies

20 In My Town

Day 20: In My Town – lamppost on a weekend away

21 Daily Habit

Day 21: Daily Habit – taking pictures!

22 Something I Enjoy

Day 22: Something I Enjoy – playing with nail varnish and new nail inventions

23 Tasty

Day 23: Tasty – potato stars!

24 Greatful For

Day 24: Grateful For – My Dad (and the rest of my family!)

26 Unique

Day 26: Unique – my brother and I when we were younger

27 A Talent

Day 27: A Talent – sewing and dress making

28 Relax

Day 28: Relax – nice lie in!

29 11am

Day 29: 11am – clock in my bedroom

30 Sunset

Day 30: Sunset – view from my bedroom window

Did you complete the photo challenge this month? Will you be doing next months?

Love Lou xoxox


April Photo Challenge Days 11-30

Wow this month has gone quickly! Here are days 11-30 of the photo challenge.

11 Detail

Day 11: Detail – detailed photo frame with one of my graduation pictures in

12 In The Middle

Day 12: In The Middle – hidden in the middle of the rock is loads of time crystals. How amazing is nature?!

13 View From Your Bed

Day 13: View From Your Bed – before bedtime!

14 Water

Day 14: Water – running a bath

15 Alone

Day 15: Alone – tiny cactus alone in its capsule

16 Favourite Colour

Day 16: Favourite Colour – red, black and white

17 Busy

Day 17: Busy – shopping in ASDA.

18 Hello

Day 18: Hello – Mr. Pickles say hello!

19 Button

Day 19: Button – buttons on my phone

20 On Your Mind

Day 20: On Your Mind – Food. Always… And my Brothers Girlfriend’s Birthday

21 Fire

Day 21: Fire – Garden Candle

22 Blury

Day 22: Blurry – plants!

23 Time

Day 23: Time – always ticking away on my pocket watch

24 I Saw This Person Today

Day 24: I Saw This Person Today – my boyfriend

25 Life Is...

Day 25: Life Is… – sunny and bright

26 Childhood

Day 26: Childhood – sweeties that remind me of my childhood

27 Earth

Day 27: Earth – in the lemon tree pot

28 My Sunday

Day 28: My Sunday – my family & I went for a curry

29 I Wore This Today

Day 29: I Wore This Today – Rocket Dog boots

30 Glasses

Day 30: Glasses – don’t judge my huge glasses collection haha

I can’t believe it is May tomorrow!

Have you completed the April challenge? Or a different photo challenge?

Here is the May challenge for FMS:

Will you be taking the challenge?

Love Lou xoxox

Nail Stickers Tutorial

So I found out about nail stickers on the Dainty Squid blog (nail post link here). I always wondered how people got such precise patterns on their nails, now I know the secret too and thought I would share it with you 😉

I found Kaylah’s blog at the end of last year and it is amazing. Seriously, go check it out! (blog link here). I got the nail stickers on eBay (here) and they came super quick and with free delivery! The stickers are great quality and easy to use. Also, the lady who sells them is lovely and very helpful. I highly recommend this seller.

On with the tutorial…
Firstly, paint a coat, or two (depending on what is needed) of the colour you wish to paint first. I painted on two coats of the plain red first. Wait for this to thoroughly dry or the sticker will mark or pull of this nail varnish. When it is 100% dry and hardened de-sticky the stickers slightly with you fingers and stick them on as desired (see picture). Do not stick them on clothes to de-sticky as I did at first or you will end up with fluff stuck on your nails (silly me).

DSC05965Next, paint on the second colour of your choice. I chose glitter red because I loveee glitter! Paint slightly onto the sticker to make sure you have completely covered the part of the nail you wish to paint. This way the pattern will be nicely defined (see pic).

DSC05967When this coat is fully dried and hardened carefully and slowly peel off the stickers one at a time. When all of the stickers are removed paint a top coat to protect your nails from chipping or pealing.

DSC05969Your nails are finished. Go out and show them off!


I also tried the wavy stickers out this weekend:

DSC06102 DSC06139These are the nail varnishes that I used:


Nail varnished used on my nails

Did you already know about nail stickers? What is your favourite way to do your nails?

Love Lou xoxox

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my shiny new blog and a brand new year!

So as you probably guessed, my new years resolution was to start a blog. For many years I have stalked read tons of other blogs and now I feel like its time to put myself out there too!

My main purpose is to blog about my sewing and craft projects but I will also add in all the other things I love, such as cooking, movies, photography, fashion inspiration and my birds Nemo and Mr. Pickles.

Hopefully some real posts to follow when I figure out how to do everything, but for now I will leave you with a picture of Nemo!