Week Summary

How was your week this week? Mine was mostly average:

On Monday my boyfriend and I went to Ed’s Diner for milkshakes and food and it was delicious! Have you been before?

DSC06714 DSC06711

I completed week 2 out of 5 of my training to mentor victims of domestic violence.

My Mom and I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, I think I liked even better than the Nutcracker that he did last year. The scenery and costumes were so beautiful!


My cute penguin brooch came!


I got a new Hello Kitty Pez (black one) to go with the one my boyfriend brought for me (pink one).


Craftseller and Knit magazines came in the post. Hopefully I will have time to have a go with some of the projects this month!



I bejewelled my ipod case, tutorial should be on by the end of the week!


We went out for a surprise birthday for a friend. It was a lot of fun and we found a really really really long toilet cubicle so we decided to take silly pictures!


Yeah it kinda looks like an average toilet in this picture but it really was the longest toilet cubicle I’ve EVER seen. Promise.

It has been cold so I’ve been getting lots of use out of my new mittens!


My Mom and I started on and nearly finished a brand new dress for the summer. I am glad to be back sewing!

And to finish off, a picture of Nemo:


I’m super excited for next week because it’s pancake day, valentines day and walking dead starts on Friday! Plus, it has started snowing like crazy! Hopefully it will last until tomorrow so I can take some more pictures! (seems I got my wish for more snow right? 😉 )

Are you looking forward to next week? What are your plans?

Love Lou xoxox


Dammit Janet!

From the first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show, aged 16, I loved it. The costumes, the song and the characters are all amazing. It definitely has to be one of my favourite musicals of all time. If you haven’t seen it you definitely should, it is a classic.

So when I found out that Rocky Horror was playing at  the Alexandra theatre in Birmingham I decided that I had to go! My Mom and I got tickets for the show and then found out that it was the 40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror. No better time to go see it!



On the 29th January we finally went and it was possibly even better than I expected!




My only small disappointment was that Magenta didn’t have her classic maid outfit and red hair, they gave her black hair and a black outfit.


Also, if you are a Rocky Horror fan I recommend the Glee Rocky Horror episode. Very enjoyable! But then as you know I am a massive Gleek 😉

Do you like Rocky Horror? Have you seen it at the theatre? Who is your favourite character?

Love Lou xoxox