Week Summary

How was your week this week? Mine was mostly average:

On Monday my boyfriend and I went to Ed’s Diner for milkshakes and food and it was delicious! Have you been before?

DSC06714 DSC06711

I completed week 2 out of 5 of my training to mentor victims of domestic violence.

My Mom and I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, I think I liked even better than the Nutcracker that he did last year. The scenery and costumes were so beautiful!


My cute penguin brooch came!


I got a new Hello Kitty Pez (black one) to go with the one my boyfriend brought for me (pink one).


Craftseller and Knit magazines came in the post. Hopefully I will have time to have a go with some of the projects this month!



I bejewelled my ipod case, tutorial should be on by the end of the week!


We went out for a surprise birthday for a friend. It was a lot of fun and we found a really really really long toilet cubicle so we decided to take silly pictures!


Yeah it kinda looks like an average toilet in this picture but it really was the longest toilet cubicle I’ve EVER seen. Promise.

It has been cold so I’ve been getting lots of use out of my new mittens!


My Mom and I started on and nearly finished a brand new dress for the summer. I am glad to be back sewing!

And to finish off, a picture of Nemo:


I’m super excited for next week because it’s pancake day, valentines day and walking dead starts on Friday! Plus, it has started snowing like crazy! Hopefully it will last until tomorrow so I can take some more pictures! (seems I got my wish for more snow right? ūüėČ )

Are you looking forward to next week? What are your plans?

Love Lou xoxox


This Week…

So this week started off with more snow and it was freezing!


Wrapped up and ready to go to work in the snow!

My Mom and I went to feed the poor ducks at the park a few days in a row, they are so hungry! (see post here)

I have a few more snow pictures to post (should be up early next week).


Another couple feeding the ducks

 My cross stitch magazines came in the post. I subscribed to each one for 5 issues for £5 (Bargain!). Click here for a link.


Cross Stitch Magazines and free gifts!

I started the free gift bunny card on Saturday so I will post when it is finished (hopefully next week).


Free gift I’m currently working on

On Thursday I went to the Pantomime for the second time. I went with my Mom on the 4th Jan, this time I went with my boyfriend.


Robinson Crusoe Pantomime

My heart box necklace came in the post. It’s even nicer than I expected!


Heart Box Necklace



I painted my nails using my new nail stickers, a tutorial dedicated to this should be up next week! Here is a preview of them:


Nail Preview

I made a new Hello Kitty brooch for myself! Let me know if you would like a tutorial.


Handmade Hello Kitty Brooch

Here’s a great Nemo picture I took when he was fluffing up and yawning. He stretched up as I took the picture and his head was cut off! Still love this pic of him though. What do you think?


Nemo Action Shot

My Mom brought me the cutest little pen to add to my pen collection this week (pens are just one of the many, many things I collect). Do you have any collections?


Cutest Pen

I got up today (Sunday) and all of the snow is gone! It’s windy and cold still but the sun was out, which was good news for my pic of the day which is sun haha.


Sunny Morning

My Mom and I both have ¬†a cold so we spent the weekend watching movies and eating a lot of junk food! I also made my brooch and started the bunny cross stitch so it hasn’t been a completely wasted weekend.

Finally, I will leave you this funny picture of Nemo, bless him, he is the cutest:


How was your week? What did you get up to?

Love Lou xoxox

Crochet Progress

After much frustration of not being able to learn anything other than chain stitch I finally sat down with my hook, wool and YouTube. There are some great videos on the internet for helping learn to crochet. (here is one of the videos that I used to help with the basics).

So, with the help of YouTube I finally learned how to single, double and treble crochet! Among a few others that I still need to practice!

This is my first real project:

DSC05858I made 2 bows! They are far from perfect but I can only improve with practice (I hope!!). (Click here for bow video tutorial I used).

I am still struggling to figure out how to read patterns so for  now I think I will focus on using YouTube until I am more confident. I cannot wait to to try these when I finally do figure it out! (all from Simply Crochet Issue 1).


DSC05865 DSC05871  DSC05868


Simply Crochet is great as it shows you how to crochet for left handed people. Most tutorials and beginners guides focus purely on teaching right handed people, which can make it more difficult to learn when you are left handed like me!

Are any of you left handed crochet-ers? How do you find it?

DSC05870Do you have any favourite easy patterns you would recommend for beginners?

Love Lou x0x0x

I LOVE to read!

Since my childhood I have loved reading. I was always one of those quirky kids with loads of books. Well I guess I still am just older! Haha.

I got a Kindle for my Birthday last year and wasn’t sure I would like reading on a screen and not on paper but honestly, it is AMAZING!


My Kindle

I recently finished reading ‘The¬†hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared’ by Jonas Jonasson. Yes the name is kind of silly but it was a really good book. It was about the hundred year old Swedish man called Allan, and his interesting life story. It has some very funny sections and links many famous people and events during his lifetime very cleverly. At only 20p it is a bargain! I highly recommend it.

100YOM packshot (060112)

Yesterday I finished the ‘Turtle Boy’ book by Kealan Partick Burke. It only took me 2 nights to read as it is a short novella, plus it kept me gripped the whole way through! It was a free read on Amazon and I really enjoyed it. I won’t spoil the story but seriously, it’s free: download it! I’m thinking of downloading the next in the series.

Image.ashxI’m looking for another book to start now. What are you currently reading?

In other news, my Mollie Makes and Cloth magazines came in the post.


Click for website link

I decided to try Cloth magazine as it looked good and they have a subscription offer of 3 magazines for ¬£5 (click here for a link). So after having a quick look through I think it is definitely worth the 3 issues for ¬£5 but I don’t think I will keep up my subscription after the offer ends. Here are my favourite projects:


Faux Fur Stole


Customising tights


iPad satchel case

Have you brought or read this magazine before? What did you think?

When Mollies Makes comes through I always get excited and this issue was not a disappointment.


Click for website link

These are my favourite projects this issue:


Cover project


Felting project

Not sure I will make up the free gift as I already have an awesome free bus pass cover!


My bus pass cover

What are you favourite magazines?

I also subscribed to the Gathered magazine on the iPad for 1 year, always inspiring with lots of fun projects and ideas (link). They definitely make Fridays more fun!

Love Lou xoxox

Cosmopolitan Subscription

I had a deal emailed through yesterday to subscribe to Cosmopolitan magazine for 12 months for only £12. This is a great deal as buying Cosmo every month adds up to over £40 a year! This way, it works out at only £1 an issue. Bargain. Anyway, thought I would share. Click the image or here to check out this offer.

7a25bc7b-7f0b-482b-b0b7-5a2816f933a8-535_q60_-jpgPS. I am not endorsed or payed to post this, just thought you might be interested.

Love Lou xoxox