Sand Sculptures In Tenerife

While in Tenerife we found that there were so many amazing sand sculptures! Here are a few of the pictures:


Which is your favourite? Have you seen any sand sculptures before?
Love Lou xoxox

Tenerife 2013

Last week I returned from a week long break in Tenerife with my boyfriend. We had a lovely relaxing stay at the Oasis Mango located in Los Cristianos (south of the island). The weather was beautiful all week; very sunny, breezy and hot.

We spent a lot of time walking around discovering the local area and scenery. As well as eating way too much delicious food and relaxing by the pool/beach we picked up lots of cool trinkets and souvenirs!

We were planning on visiting the highest point in Spain, Mount Teide, but a mix up with coaches meant we couldn’t go. Although this does give us a very good excuse to go back again sometime!

Here are some of our pictures:

DSC02602 DSC02609

DSC02684 DSC02696 DSC02690 DSC02688

DSC02728 DSC02775


DSC02864 DSC02822 DSC02810

DSC02809 DSC02795 DSC02793 DSC02790

DSC02905 DSC02907


We enjoyed lots of delicious food!

DSC02704 DSC02926

Have you been to Tenerife or another Canary Island? What did you think?

On our way home we stopped off in Nottingham. We were too tired to do much but we will be going back to visit the castles and Sherwood Forrest!

DSC02959 DSC02969

Have you visited Nottingham? What do you do there?

Where are you going on vacation this year?

Love Lou xoxox

Stratford Upon Avon

This weekend my boyfriend and I are visiting Stratford Upon Avon. We went there for a day trip last year in August and really enjoyed it. We visited the Butterfly Farm, tried moo-moo milkshakes, went on the Shakespeare tour and had a lovely lunch at a really old Tudor pub!

Here are some of our pictures from our visit last August:


Tudor pub where we had lunch

DSC03335 DSC03347 DSC03350 DSC03366 DSC03376 DSC03379 DSC03382 DSC03390 DSC03399 DSC03400 DSC03402 DSC03411 DSC03418 DSC03421

I cannot wait to go back this weekend after looking through all of the pictures!

Have you been to Stratford Upon Avon? What are your favourite things to do there?

Love Lou xoxox

Prague: Escape The Fate 2009

In 2009 I went to Escape the Fate for the first time (I have seen them live 4 times so far!). It was an amazing show and we got seats right at the front of the balcony! Here are the pictures:


The first band were a local Czech band which I cannot remember the name of now… Let me know if you recognise them.







Blurry photo but I love how it came out:


Escape the Fate:

IMGP0564 IMGP0659 IMGP0645 IMGP0641 IMGP0637 IMGP0635 IMGP0627 IMGP0619 IMGP0607 IMGP0585 IMGP0584 IMGP0579 IMGP0575

What is your favourite band? Have you seen Escape the Fate or Emery live? What did you think?

More Prague pictures here:
Part 1
Part 2

Love Lou xoxox

When in Prague…

In April 2009 I visited Prague for a few days. I had the best time! I managed to fit in the usual tourist attractions such as Prague Castle and riding around on the trams, as well as seeing one of my favourite bands: Escape the Fate. I would love to go back to Prague at some point as I feel that only saw a small fraction of what Prague has to offer. My favourite things about Prague are the cobbled streets and the architecture. Have you been to Prague? What were your favourite places and things to do?

Here are some of my favourite picture from the holiday:












More pictures to come in part 2!

Love Lou xoxox