Rain Rain Go Away….

After the lovely hot weather over the past few weeks the rain (and storms) have started! I think that now it has started it is never going to stop!



DSC03973 DSC04081DSC04015 DSC03994

DSC04049 DSC03991

How is the weather where you are?

Love Lou xoxox


20 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away….

  1. Weather in one of the northern states in the U.S is unseasonably cold (ew) for this time of year. I love your photos in this post. The colors are so vibrant and dull at the same time, I love the contrasts!

  2. For mean Austalia, it has been unusually warm this winter. There are already some spring blossoms arriving! and we have another month to go. I have always loved the stle of the first picture. And yours is equally gorgeous. It reminds me of cold days inside near the fire with a book, or rugged up and outside walking.

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