I finally got Pinterest! And yes I am addicted! Find me here.

I have found it extremely useful for pinning ideas (especially clothing for sewing inspiration!).

Do you have Pinterest? What are you favourite things to pin?

Love Lou xoxox


12 thoughts on “Pinterest!

  1. I gave it a go. I’m pretty sure my profile is still there. I wasn’t hugely impressed, I don’t just trawl around the Internet for no reason, which is what I saw this as. Sharing it with everyone seemed a bit odd too, even though that’s what we do when we blog !?

    • Yeah I see what you mean. I guess it just depends what you use it as. I have been using as inspiration for sewing etc and find it helpful to be able to make different mood boards to focus my ideas xoxox

  2. I LOVE Pinterest. I get lost for hours. Whenever I feel foul, mood or physically, I spend time out there reminding myself that beauty is everywhere and the world is full of people who like to create. LOVE IT. Talent abounds!

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