FMS Photo A Day June 2013


The Challenge

1 B is for

Day 1: B Is For – Binoculars!

2 A Moment

Day 2: A Moment – Baby swans

3 On My Table

Day 3: On My Table – Fathers Day cross stitch

4 After Dark

Day 4: After Dark – Fox sat under the street light

5 Environment

Day 5: Environment – Bluebells!

6 Transport

Day 6: Transport – Aeroplane

7 Bright

Day 7: Bright – Bright skies

8 An Animal

Day 8: An Animal – The robin in our garden

9 From Down Low

Day 9: From Down Low – In the garden

10 You!

Day 10: You!

11 SOmething Funny

Day 11: Something Funny – Yes I am wearing a moustache :’)

12 11 O Clock

Day 12: 11 O’Clock – Watching the birds in the garden

13 Kitchen

Day 13: Kitchen – The oven

14 Texture

Day 14: Texture – Pretty flower

15 From Above

Day 15: From Above – Pebbles

16 Family

Day 16: Family – With my Mom and Dad

17 Centred

Day 17: Centred – Flowed centre

18 Street

Day 18: Street

19 Currently Reading

Day 19: Currently Reading – An actual book! (Not my kindle!)

20 Cute

Day 20: Cute – Tiny baby moorhen

21 Lunchtime

Day 21: Lunchtime – Hula Hoops!

22 enjoyinh Life

Day 22: Enjoying Life – My boyfriend’s birthday party

23 Last

Day 23: Last

24 Negative Space

Day 24: Negative Space – Rubbish at the bottom of the garden

25 Sharp

Day 25: Sharp – Alaska blade

26 Empty

Day 26: Empty – Bottles ready for recycling!

27 Into The Sun

Day 27: Into The Sun(set)

28 Red

Day 28: Red

29 In My Bag

Day 29: In My Bag

30 Handwriting

Day 30: Handwriting – In my diary

We are officially half way through the year now!

Did you complete the June Photo Challenge? What did you think?

Which is your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox


13 thoughts on “FMS Photo A Day June 2013

  1. Hi Lou, I see you are back with the FMS photo a day list, I am back to that one now, I did a different list for June and didn’t enjoy it as much.
    Favourite photos – the robin is cute! Robins over here are much bigger than UK robins and not as cute. Hula Hoops! I want a bag right now! The sunset is a lovely shot too.
    I love the way a month of photos gives a little glimpse into someone’s world. Thanks for sharing!
    Clare x

    • Ohh no! I am doing the FMS and Ideas Room still but I am considering dropping one as many of the prompts are the same! I think you did really well with the other prompts though, they were harder! 🙂 xoxox

  2. I find it interesting that you post them all at once! Very fun! And no, I didn’t do a june challenge; my camera is still broke, but I did take a lot with my iPhone! Hoping to get the camera replaced soon!

    • I think it’s better to be able to look through all of them together. Also I don’t always take them off my camera everyday to post them 🙂 Ohh no! I hope you can get it fixed/get a new one ASAP and be back in action 🙂 xoxox

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