Nemo and Pickles are 5!

As you probably already know Nemo and Mr Pickles are our galah cockatoos. The are 5 years old this month and we couldn’t love them more! Happy Birthday Nemo and Mr P!

When we went to choose a bird from the sanctuary Nemo chose us. He jumped onto my shoulder and fell asleep. My Mom and I were in love with him. My Dad and brother found another bird they liked more (Mr Pickles) and in the end we decided to get both.

It has been a crazy 5 years. In one way it feels like they have been around for longer and some how it feels like much less.

Here is a round up of a few of my favourite pictures over the years….


Baby Nemo and Pickles


Fussing each other


Plotting mischief


Baby Nemo




Fluffy Nemo


Pickles wants a shower!


Pickles wants a fuss


Nap time!




Playing in the garden

Do you have any pets? How old are they? What is their story?

Love Lou xoxox


12 thoughts on “Nemo and Pickles are 5!

  1. Happy Birthday to your feathered friends! We had canaries growing up and they were more like having a fish tank – you clean, feed and look. These guys are a lot more fun because you can play with them 🙂
    Presently, we have 2 dogs – Rocky, a 10 yr old Min Pin & Icy, an 8 year old german shepherd. Love them to pieces!

  2. Lovely birds! 😀 And they look cute in every photograph xD
    i have 7 cats, one of them was born a few days ago, 5 fish and two turtles 🙂 oh, and let’s not forget the mosquitoes! lol

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