Nemo and Pickles are 5!

As you probably already know Nemo and Mr Pickles are our galah cockatoos. The are 5 years old this month and we couldn’t love them more! Happy Birthday Nemo and Mr P!

When we went to choose a bird from the sanctuary Nemo chose us. He jumped onto my shoulder and fell asleep. My Mom and I were in love with him. My Dad and brother found another bird they liked more (Mr Pickles) and in the end we decided to get both.

It has been a crazy 5 years. In one way it feels like they have been around for longer and some how it feels like much less.

Here is a round up of a few of my favourite pictures over the years….


Baby Nemo and Pickles


Fussing each other


Plotting mischief


Baby Nemo




Fluffy Nemo


Pickles wants a shower!


Pickles wants a fuss


Nap time!




Playing in the garden

Do you have any pets? How old are they? What is their story?

Love Lou xoxox


Reading: Firefly Beach

What can I say except I LOVED this book!

It was amazing: great story, superbly written, loveable and relatable characters, entertaining and shocking!

The story follows the adventures of Beth LaMonte when she discovers a young girls diary from the 1970’s in her new home. As she reads the diary she starts the search for the now grown up girl from the diary and what she discovers is shocking (I won’t ruin the story for you!).

The novel pulls you in from the start and I ended up staying up well into the night reading it. The 226 page book was read in less than a week as I just could not put it down! I cannot praise this book enough, it is the best book I have read in a really long time.

Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann (link)

The book is for sale in the Kindle Store for £1.93 and is definitely worth every penny. I am eagerly awaiting Meira’s future books!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox

Happy Fathers Day!

Yesterday was Fathers Day, a big happy Fathers Day to my Dad and all of the other Dads out there!

My Dad is lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it, his birthday is always a week before Fathers Day so he gets a whole week or more of celebration.


We had a lovely two weekends celebrating (and during the week as well!).

Happy Birthday and Fathers day to my Dad, you are the bestest!

How did you spend Fathers Day?

Love Lou xoxox

The Idea Room May Photo Challenge

1 Colourful

Day 1: Colourful

2 Path

Day 2: Path

3 Empty

Day 3: Empty

4 Water

Day 4: Water

5 On My Desk

Day 5: On My Desk (Printer)

6 Today

Day 6: Today

7 Flashback

Day 7: Flashback – My brother and I found our old sunglasses and cap!

8 Sugary

Day 8: Sugary

9 SUnglasses

Day 9: Sunglasses

10 Something New

Day 10: Something New – Cassandra!

11 Sunset

Day 11: Sunset (Cheat from France)

12 Mom

Day 12: Mom – Mom and me!

13 A Friend

Day 13: A Friend – My crazy brother

14 Memory

Day 14: Memory – Graduation

15 Outdoors

Day 15: Outdoors

16 Sky

Day 16: Sky

17 Favourite SOng

Day 17: Favourite Song – Fave song on my new album

18 Messy

Day 18: Messy – My messy draw

19 Plastic

Day 19: Plastic

20 In The Morning

Day 20: In The Morning

21 Up High

Day 21: Up High – On my way home from France

22 Fragile

Day 22: Fragile

23 Scary

Day 23: Scary – Classic horror book

24 Square

Day 24: Square

25 Tool I Use

Day 25: Tool I Use – Pen

26 Sunshine

Day 26: Sunshine

27 Cheerful

Day 27: Cheerful

28 Knick Knack

Day 28: Knick Knack – My new favourite knick knack

29 Furniture

Day 29: Furniture

30 Rug

Day 30: Rug

Did you do the photo challenge this month? What did you think?

What was your favourite picture?

Love Lou xoxox


FMS Photo Challenge May

Here are my photos for the FMS photo challenge. Sorry they are so late!


Photo Challenge

1 I Brought This

Day 1: I Brought This – New bikini

2 Morning Ritual

Day 2: Morning Ritual – Brushing my teeth

3 This Is Really Good

Day 3: This Is Really Good – Sunshine!

4 In My Cup

Day 4: In My Cup – Dr Pepper

5 Paper

Day 5: Paper – Planning the next adventure in Europe

6 Broken

Day 6: Broken – Broken slabs

7 Something Beginning With F

Day 7: Something Beginning With F – Fruit

8 Shape

Day 8: Shape – Seashell

9 A Snack

Day 9: A Snack – Birds having a snack in my garden

10 Stars

Day 10: Stars – No stars in the sky tonight! My Dad and Nemo are 2 of my stars

11 A Smile

Day 11: A Smile

12 Mother

Day 12: Mother – Painting the fence with Nemo and Mr P

13 Sunset

Day 13: Sunset – Had to cheat and use a picture from France, no sunsets at home!

14 Need

Day 14: Need – Nemo needed a bath

15 7 O Clock

Day 15: 7 O’Clock – Mr P happy because it is raining.

16 Mailbox

Day 16: Mailbox

17 Season

Day 17: Season – Changing from Spring to Summer

18 Want

Day 18: I Want – To touch the clouds!

19 My Fave View

Day 19: My Favourite View – In Perpignan

20 Light

Day 20: Light

21 I Care About This

Day 21: I Care About This – Nemo

22 Change

Day 22: Change – New road markings

23 Pjs

Day 23: Pjs – Hello Kitty onesie

24 Go

Day 24: Go

25 Us

Day 25: Us – My boyfriend and me

26 Favourite Thing To Do On A Sunday

Day 26: Fave Thing To Do On A Sunday – Chill out!

27 Can't Live Without

Day 27: I Can’t Live Without – Reading

28 What You're Doing Now

Day 28: What You’re Doing Now – Latest craft project

29 Kiss

Day 29: Kiss – My brother and Mr Pickles

30 Tool

Day 30: Tool – Mixing up my smoothie

31 4 Things

Day 31: 4 Things – 4 cactus

Did you do this photo challenge or another one? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox


Apologies for the lack of posting and commenting lately, so much has happened in the last few weeks!

I picked up a bug while I was in France and I have been so ill for the past few weeks! Last weekend was my Dad’s birthday and we are preparing for Father’s Day next weekend!

Fingers crossed I will be back to regular posting again this week or next.

How are you? What have you been up to?

21 I Care About This

Love Lou xoxox