Tomato & Pesto Gnocchi

I made up a new gnocchi recipe and thought I would share it as it tasted delicious!

Here’s how it looks when it is finished:


You will need:
– Onions
– Garlic
– Pesto
– Passata (tomato puree)
– Grated cheese

Firstly, finely chop up onions, place in a pan on low heat and cook until clear. Add chopped or pressed garlic.


Stir in the garlic and leave to simmer for a few minutes before adding the passata. Make sure the onions are soft.


Next add black pepper to taste.


Add cheese to the sauce


Add in the pesto. I used 2 table spoons but you can add more/less for your preference.


Leave the sauce to simmer.


Boil water in the kettle and add to a pan. When brought to the boil add the gnocchi.


The gnocchi sinks to the bottom. When it floats to the top it is cooked.


Strain the gnocchi. Add them to a bowl, cover with the pesto and tomato sauce. Add extra cheese on top.


What is your favourite recipe that uses pesto?

Love Lou xoxox


14 thoughts on “Tomato & Pesto Gnocchi

  1. I may have to try this. I think it is funny that your tomato products come in a box, we still use cans for most everything. Gnocchi remind me of my mother’s potato dumplings. She made them only on holidays because it took so long to make them. I’ve only done them once, but my oldest sister still makes them.

    • It is quite weird! Ours come in cartons and jars (I think sometimes tins too!). They are basically potato dumplings, so delicious. Makes me hungry thinking about it! 🙂 xoxox

  2. I made something really similar to this but I totally cheat and just use marinara sauce! I might have to try this though because it looks super easy and just as delicious!


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