Caviar Manicure!

Yes I finally did it! I tried the caviar manicure!

I have to say it is so weird. It only lasted on my nails for just over a day and a half as it felt so weird and little balls kept dropping off my nails all the time! It looked so cool but I think I would only use it again for a night out or special occasion. They are too high maintenance for everyday.

Here are some pictures:

DSC00286 DSC00284

I used nail caviar from Claires Accessories (purchased at Clothes Show Live). Possibly more expensive caviar would last longer and feel nicer on your nails?

What do you think? Have you tried nail caviar? Do you like the look of it?

Love Lou xoxox


22 thoughts on “Caviar Manicure!

  1. Me again….It turns out I might share your love of nail varnish, I never knew how into it I was. I’m not sure about caviar, I think it looks quite messy. I think the Barry M texture nail varnishes are more effective, I saw you had the blue one on your blog. I’ve got the yellow one and I love it, it makes your nails look sort of furry. If I still have no baby next week I’ll paint my nails and post them on my blog for you (I fancy doing a beach scene with yellow sand). Today I have stickers just incase they need to take them off when I go to hospital. I saw your post about getting pictures printed on stickers, totally getting my dog on my nails. Love it!!!

    • It is messy! Especially if you’re clumsy and keep knocking it over like me haha :’) I like the texture ones and stickers better too. Ohh wow that’s a good idea, I would love to see it 🙂 Good luck with having your baby, I hope everything goes smoothly! 😀 xoxox

  2. I cannot imagine how long it must take for your nails to dry! no? Cute colors but like you said, you were probably dropping little balls everywhere. not sure you can do very much (other than type) with that kind of polish. Still cute though … ~maria

  3. It sounds cool but I’m not sure I would like those little beady things on my nails. There has to be quite a bit of top coat on there to keep them on? I do like getting the little rhinestones on my nails…just had some put on today. I hope they don’t fall off that quick. It does look cool…maybe just have them done for a wedding or some special occasion.

    • They are so weird! I didn’t use a top coat incase of the colour coming off the balls, maybe if I did they would have lasted longer though? I love the rhinestones too 🙂 xoxox

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