Big Box Of Nail Goodies!

My Aunt visited from Wales a few weekends ago and brought me a big box of nail goodies! Here is a picture of it all:


I cannot wait to test it all out!

It included:
– A nail dryer
– Lots of different polishes
– Nail foils with adhesive and top coat
– Nail stamps
– Nail art pens

I couldn’t wait to test it out so I had a go with some of the foils. They are really good fun! I had never seen or heard about them before. You add the adhesive, leave it for a few minutes them rub on the foil and add a topcoat.

Have you tried them before? What did you think?

Here’s how they looked:


Thank you so much for this massive box of goodies!

Love Lou xoxox


20 thoughts on “Big Box Of Nail Goodies!

  1. I’ve never used the foils, I especially like the one on your thumb. I’ve used the stickers you get from Claire’s accessories etc etc, you cut them to shape and stick them on. They are surprisingly good and last really well. I love nail art pens too although I never really do anything more exciting than polka dots. Keep posting your designs, I love doing my nails x

    • Thank you! I think that’s my fave too! Yeah I am rubbish with the nail art pens, especially trying to do my left hand (even polka dots are a challenge :’) ). I would love to see some of your nail decorations on your blog 🙂 xoxox

  2. Awesome! I have just got myself shellacs to try at home and 24 hours on so far so good! Went to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty last week, absolutely magnificent! I think it was my favourite so far! Stunning!

  3. Glad you like it all, you can use craft foils too – much cheaper. Have fun. I am trying acrylic overlays (Red Carpet) and it is amazing – I only need to re-do my nails when they have grown too much the finish stays perfect. Love Auntie Chris xxxxx

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