Sunshine Blog Award!

I was nominated for another award! And from one of my favourite bloggers! Evez from Gesundheit, Suze! Thank you so much, I love your blog! (I received a further nomination from the lovely Ramsey from Curious Mother today. Ramsay’s nomination reminded me to stop dragging my butt and finally finish the post!). Check out both blogs, they are great! (Click the names/blog names for links).

Here are the rules:
-Link back to the person who nominated you
-Post the award image to your page
-Tell seven facts about yourself
– Nominate 5-10 other blogs and let them know they are nominated

7 facts:
1. I love zombies!
2. I cannot wait for the Summer but I think my favourite season is Autumn.
3. When I was younger I dreamed of being an archeologist like in the film ‘The Mummy’.
4. I love movies, especially horrors.
5. I can’t draw (I think this is why I love photography so much!)
6. Currently I work tutoring A Level students.
7. Major girl crush on Zooey Deschanel (New Girl is one of my faves!)


My Nominations:

Thank you so much Evez and Ramsey!

Love Lou xoxox


19 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award!

  1. Dear Lou, I congratulate you on your wonderful blog and the great response it is getting from the WP community! Thank you for nominating my blog for this award as well! I feel so honored! I have designated my blog as award-free ( and, thus, won’t be able to accept. But know that I very much appreciate you thinking of my blog worthwhile enough to receive an award! With gratitude, andelieya

  2. Zooey Deschanel is very pretty but I find her equally irritating. She can only do the whole “kooky” thing and it makes us here at Professional Moron EXTRAORDINARILY angry. Still, kudos on zombies! They’re just misunderstood, tis all!

  3. Congratulations on your award! What can I say, I am humbled and honored… Thank you so much for nominating my tiny little bit of a blog! You are a sweetie!!!!! It made my day!

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