Nemo and Mr. Pickles!

I took these pictures last week when we gave them some broccoli and sprouts. They are so naughty, they just bite it up and Mr.P throws it. They refuse to eat their veggies! Made for some fun pictures though. Hope you enjoy looking at them!

DSC07938 DSC07941 DSC07951 DSC07954 DSC07965 DSC07969 DSC07971 DSC07972

This is my favourite picture even though it came out a bit fuzzy:


Couldnt resist sharing this one either!


Love Lou xoxox


26 thoughts on “Nemo and Mr. Pickles!

    • We have to use flash as he moves around so much and so quickly, without flash the pictures are all blurry. Luckily it doesn’t bother him (and we don’t take too many at one time). Mr. Pickles loves the camera and always comes to pose for us haha :’) xoxox

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