Last Week…

Gosh this week has been busy!

How was your week? What did you get up to?

This week I:
– Got invited to and sat the Social Work MA entrance exam….
– Yesterday I found out I got invited for the interview!
– Have been working and tutoring.
– Photographing and listing like crazy on eBay.
– Met a new tutee who I will be tutoring for the next 4 weeks!
– Went to Nando’s twice!
– Had a long weekend away with my boyfriend.


What are your plans for next week?

Love Lou xoxox


8 thoughts on “Last Week…

  1. I gave my finished novel to a story developed. I get it back this Saturday with comments on what is good and how to improve it. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be making improvements on my novel.
    Good luck on the interview.

  2. work every day during the day, night to myself tonight, work tuesday and wednesday night, thursday acupuncture and the weekend is up in the air. A busy week should be better. Somewhere in there i have to squeeze in some exercise.

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