My Redecorated Bedroom!

Over the past few weeks I have redecorated my bedroom (with help from my Mom). Here’s how it looked before:


And here’s how it looked after we were finished:







I guess it doesn’t look drastically different as I kept the colour scheme the same.

We repainted the room just to freshen it up and purchased new furniture. My new furniture is the Hemnes range from Ikea. Sadly, we found out that they are discontinuing it this year. So if you have been drooling over it for ages (like I had) now is definitely the best time to buy it. The bedside table had £20 off and we got £50 off the wardrobe! You also get a £50 gift card if you spend a certain amount in the bedroom department (£300 or £400 I think?).

Sorting out all of my stuff took the longest time! I had to resort everything to get rid of the things I don’t want/use any more as I had less storage space.

So what do you think? What is your bedroom like?

Love Lou xoxox


73 thoughts on “My Redecorated Bedroom!

  1. I really like the classy look of the splashes of black against the white – the contrast is so striking! I’ve described my room on my blog too, the post is called MY ROOM IS FINALLY READY!!!

  2. Oh my god your room is amazing! I’m moving house next week so that’s means I need to start thinking about decorating my new room and stuff! So exciting as my room now is the one I’ve had since I was born so it’s still quite childish haha xx

  3. The range you used is the one I won’t to use when I redecorate my room at the end of the year. Also the colour scheme you have is very simply to what I have now, all black and white, though my bedsides and chest of draws are black, but very similar. When I do change it though I’m going all white, but then adding little accessories in pinks and greens and blues etc with floral stuff.

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