LA Fitness Groupon

Hey guys,

I’m not sure this will appeal to all readers but I brought a voucher on groupon for 10 day passes for LA Fitness gyms. The 10 day passes cost £19 so it works out at £1.90 a day! You save over £130! Such a great deal I had to share!

I brought this voucher last time it was on groupon and have to say I really enjoyed it. Hence, I purchased it again.

Here is a link for anyone who is interested!

Do you go to the gym? Do you enjoy it?

Love Lou xoxox


25 thoughts on “LA Fitness Groupon

  1. I tried going to the gym when I lived in Toronto… Never quite liked it. I prefer being outdoors. I need to be moving rather than staying on the same spot… Do climbing gyms count? 😉

  2. Funny that there’s an LA Fitness in the UK now! I used to go to one in, of all places, LA. 😉 Prefer walking outside than on a treadmill but resort to machines in unbearably hot weather. Good luck with your program!

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