This Week…

How was your week this week? What did you get up to?

This week:
– I had work and tutored my students.

– Watched the last episode of Walking Dead (Can’t wait for series 4!)
5 Your EVening

– I finished off redecorating my room (more pictures soon!).
DSC09607– Posted the giveaway prizes to the lucky winners!

– We started redecorating the kitchen!

– I am so glad New Girl is back on TV, such great characters!
Do you watch Walking Dead or New Girl?

There are still bits of snow lingering around here! How is the weather where you are?

Love Lou xoxox


26 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. My week was a Blessed One, and with God’s Will I was able to start, finished, and post a Sewing Project for my Granddaughter and working on another. Your week went well and your room looks great. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the Walking Dead. A bit disappointed in the season finale, but still a fan. After a cold snap, today we had a nice sunny 70ish degree day that I spent out side most of the time.

    • Same here, but in another way it was kind of good. I just get annoyed at all of their cliffhangers! But I love them at the same time haha 🙂 That sounds like a nice day, it is so windy and cold here at the moment! I can’t wait for Summer 🙂 xoxox

  3. I watch both The Walking Dead and New Girl. Both are great shows and New Girl gives me just the giggle fit I need along with The Mindy Project. I did a TON this weekend. I exercised in the morning both yesterday and today, worked by my friend yesterday, delivered jewelry to friends yesterday, today baked up lots of of chicken for my meals the next couple weeks, took the dog for 2 walks, busted out a craft project from Pinterest and am currently catching up on blogs. Patiently waiting for Mad Men to start, I hope I can stay awake for it!

    • Yeah I like the Mindy Project too! She’s so funny! The characters in New Girl are amazing, wish it was on for longer than half an hour! Wow you had such a busy weekend! You need the week off for a rest haha 😉 xoxox

      • I would have LOVED to trade places with my dog today…spend a rainy day on the couch. I’ll be able to relax this coming weekend, going to spend the weekend at my parent’s house. I’ll rest then. No rest for the wicked right?

  4. Love the Walking Dead too! Hubby and I are dedicated watchers, can’t wait for the new season. Now we’re waiting for True Blood to come back on too! Weather’s just fine here in the Aloha State of Hawaii!!

    • Me too! Cannot wait for the new series! We watch True Blood too but I think the last series was kind of weird haha. Hope the new series is better. Did you watch American Horror Story as well? Ohh wow I would love to go to Hawaii 😀 xoxox

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