April Photo Challenge Days 11-30

Wow this month has gone quickly! Here are days 11-30 of the photo challenge.

11 Detail

Day 11: Detail – detailed photo frame with one of my graduation pictures in

12 In The Middle

Day 12: In The Middle – hidden in the middle of the rock is loads of time crystals. How amazing is nature?!

13 View From Your Bed

Day 13: View From Your Bed – before bedtime!

14 Water

Day 14: Water – running a bath

15 Alone

Day 15: Alone – tiny cactus alone in its capsule

16 Favourite Colour

Day 16: Favourite Colour – red, black and white

17 Busy

Day 17: Busy – shopping in ASDA.

18 Hello

Day 18: Hello – Mr. Pickles say hello!

19 Button

Day 19: Button – buttons on my phone

20 On Your Mind

Day 20: On Your Mind – Food. Always… And my Brothers Girlfriend’s Birthday

21 Fire

Day 21: Fire – Garden Candle

22 Blury

Day 22: Blurry – plants!

23 Time

Day 23: Time – always ticking away on my pocket watch

24 I Saw This Person Today

Day 24: I Saw This Person Today – my boyfriend

25 Life Is...

Day 25: Life Is… – sunny and bright

26 Childhood

Day 26: Childhood – sweeties that remind me of my childhood

27 Earth

Day 27: Earth – in the lemon tree pot

28 My Sunday

Day 28: My Sunday – my family & I went for a curry

29 I Wore This Today

Day 29: I Wore This Today – Rocket Dog boots

30 Glasses

Day 30: Glasses – don’t judge my huge glasses collection haha

I can’t believe it is May tomorrow!

Have you completed the April challenge? Or a different photo challenge?

Here is the May challenge for FMS:

Will you be taking the challenge?

Love Lou xoxox


Nemo and Mr. Pickles!

I took these pictures last week when we gave them some broccoli and sprouts. They are so naughty, they just bite it up and Mr.P throws it. They refuse to eat their veggies! Made for some fun pictures though. Hope you enjoy looking at them!

DSC07938 DSC07941 DSC07951 DSC07954 DSC07965 DSC07969 DSC07971 DSC07972

This is my favourite picture even though it came out a bit fuzzy:


Couldnt resist sharing this one either!


Love Lou xoxox

Essie Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish

I had never tried Essie nail polish before but when I saw it on Fragrance Direct for £1.99 I decided to try some. I picked the colour ‘Bikini So Teeny’ as I didn’t have any nail polish colours close or similar to it. It is such a pretty colour and I am really pleased with the quality of their nail polish. Here is how it came out:



Have you tried Essie nail polish before? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox

New Post Box!

I went to TK Maxx the other day and they finally have some new home items in. Very exciting! I got this post box made to store keys but I am going to use it for jewellery! (you might have already seen it in one of my photos of the day!).



What do you think? Do you love quirky home items too? How do you store your jewellery?

Love Lou xoxox

Last Week…

Gosh this week has been busy!

How was your week? What did you get up to?

This week I:
– Got invited to and sat the Social Work MA entrance exam….
– Yesterday I found out I got invited for the interview!
– Have been working and tutoring.
– Photographing and listing like crazy on eBay.
– Met a new tutee who I will be tutoring for the next 4 weeks!
– Went to Nando’s twice!
– Had a long weekend away with my boyfriend.


What are your plans for next week?

Love Lou xoxox


So on Saturday we had some sunshine and it was kind of warm so I finally got to dig out my dungarees and Hello Kitty sunglasses!



Hello Kitty Sunglasses: eBay
Bird Print T Shirt: Primark
Dungarees: Mango

Here is a pick of a few of my favourite dungarees in stores now! (click on the store name for a link)

Do you like dungarees? Do you have a pair?

Love Lou xoxox

Nail Stickers

Blaine from the Daily Glow emailed me and asked if could write about nail stickers after their post on the top 8 fun nail stickers to try. Of course I said yes!

Did you guys know that you can get nail stickers printed with whatever you want on them?!? AMAZING. These ones are from jamberry and cost $24.75 for a sheet. Can you imagine some Nemo ones! Haha :’)

I think I am going to have to research some more custom nails here in the UK. Have you tried custom nail wraps? What did you think?

My other favourite pick from Daily Glow were these L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie. I bet they look even better in person as they are 3D. They cost $8.95 for 18 so are relatively cheap.

Check out the other 6 here!

What are your favourites? What nail stickers do you use/love?

Love Lou xoxox