Nail Care: Looking After My Nails

My nails have been pretty weak and in general bad condition lately from all of the wear and tear of using and removing nail polish. ย Consequently, I decided to give them a bit of TLC. This is what they looked before:


Heres what I used:


You will need:
– A nail file
– A nail buffer
– Nail oil and cuticle pusher
– Nail revitalise polish

Firstly, file your nails into the shape you like.


Next buff your nails to remove ridges and give them a healthy shine.


Massage in some nail and cuticle oil to condition your nails and leave to soak in for a few minutes.


Use the cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back.


Leave the oil to soak for 15 minutes. You can always massage it into your nails.

Wash the oil off and apply two coats of a conditioning or hardening nail varnish.


You can always finish with your favourite hand cream to moisturise your hands.

Afterward my nails felt and looked much better:


How do you care for your nails? Do you have any tips or favourite products to use?

Love Lou xoxox


25 thoughts on “Nail Care: Looking After My Nails

  1. I have always been really bad with nail care, for a long time I was a nail biter and then I started painting. Recently I have started using the Vaseline moisturizer for strong hands and nails and my nails have definitely been growing faster and are in better condition. There is something addictive about that ‘just buffed’ shine…

    • I got it in a set for Christmas a few years ago. It is pretty good but not worth the full price (I would recommend it on offer or with a discount). I prefer their wild rose hand cream and the new absinth one. They are amazing! You can always test it out in the store if you want to try it for yourself. Body Shop always have testers out to try ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxox

      • Actually, due to arthritis I haven’t been able to do nails for many, many years. Tricks of the trade – before applying polish use a Qtip dipped in rubbing alcohol on your nails. It will help your polish stay on longer by removing any excess oil. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ohh no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Have you tried chondroitin tablets? My Mom and Nan use them and find they help a lot with their arthritis. Thanks for the tip using alcohol ๐Ÿ˜€ xoxox

  2. My nails have always been in a bad shape. Infact I have never been able to grow them ever. They chip easily. I have started eating Almonds in the morning. I see you have used Almond oil on your nails. Do you feel any difference after using it?

  3. I went through this phase where I painted my nails every week for a year…well, I guess a year isn’t considered a phase. It made my nails so weak. I stopped painting them for 3 months (and doing anything really, other than moisturizing), and they went back to their strong selves. I haven’t painted them in months now and I miss the flash of colour when I am fiddling with my phone. A pamper night is in order!

  4. I’m horrible with nail care. Whenever I try to do my own manicures I end up with cuts in my skins from attempting to cut my cuticles and lopsided nails after filing. My nails always look horrible if I go for more than a week without getting my manicure done. Ugh

  5. My nails could use some TLC as well…When my nails get really weak I warm up some olive oil and soak my fingertips in it for a few minutes. It makes my nails look a lot less damaged and dry:)

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