Sewing History Part 4

Here are the final few items I made from 18-20 years old.

Loveheart dress. I never really liked this dress on me; it just wasn’t me so I decided to sell it.





Silky embroidered dress. I loved this dress! So easy to wear and casual enough for daytime but fancy enough for a night out.





Hello Kitty patch shift dress. This dress is so cute! Made the shift dress but it was so plain I never wore it so I added a scrap piece of lace cut into a heart, a hello kitty patch and decorative embroidery.




Patch Close-up


Hem Decoration



Polka dot dress.   Another one of my favourites. So cute. Perfect for all year. I was so sad when it didn’t fit me anymore. I found 2 pictures of me wearing it in 2008 (not great pictures – sorry!).






Wearing the dress with Nemo


With Nemo

Embroidered cheesecloth dress. Made from the same pattern as the black embroidered dress but without the frill on the bottom. Also made for summer/holidays.





Skull halter neck dress. Made to sell.





Paisley Maxi dress. I loved this dress but it came up too big and it was so heavy! So decided to sell.



Basic t shirt. Just a jersey t shirt for around the house.



Blue & Pink Tutu. So I needed something to wear for a neon night during Freshers so my Mom and I cut up loads of net and made this. Very fun to make and wear. Also customised the Freshers t shirt by ripping, cutting and tying.


Neon night (2009)

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

During university I didn’t get much time for sewing but now I have graduated and have more time I’m going to get back into it and I cannot wait! I have way too many projects planned but hopefully I will be able to focus myself and finish off all my unfinished items and begin sewing a brand new spangly wardrobe!

Do you have any unfinished sewing items?

Love Lou xoxox


40 thoughts on “Sewing History Part 4

    • Ohh no! Maybe try doing a picture post? If you have a camera or a camera on your phone/ipod/etc use that to take some pictures and post them? Or maybe try reviewing something you have? Or if you have a favourite recipe you could share that with a tutorial? 🙂 Hope this helps! xoxox

  1. Awesome pieces! I love the first dress and the polka dot dress. All my sewing projects are unfinished. LOL I’ve been moving around, and now I finally have my sewing space set up (except a chair…), so hopefully I’ll be changing that soon. 🙂

  2. Great idea to make such overviewe! I was planning to have such overview on my blog but then I realised that when I moved from Poland to the Netherlands I left a lot of garments behind + a lot of them I gave to charity when they did not fit me anymore. Pity I did not make any pickture.

    • Ohh noo! I have a few items like that too. The only ones I found the pictures for where the ones I sold online. The ones I kept and made for friends I don’t seem to have any pictures for! (especially the earlier items). Looking forward to seeing the ones you can find! 😀 xoxox

      • I think you can stop practicing! Seriously, you are really accomplished for one so young. When did you start sewing and who taught you?
        I taught myself out of a book when I was a teen. My mom had a machine and my friend’s mom taught her how to sew, so I wanted to try as well. I was too much a tomboy to take home ec so have taught myself everything with a few lessons from friends.

      • Thank you! I started having a go when I was about 6/7 but started properly when I was around 16. My Mom has always made clothes so she taught me and still helps with most of my projects 🙂 Wow, it must have been hard to learn mainly from a book! 🙂 xoxox

      • It was hard, and I’m sure I made it a lot harder than it needed to be, but then again, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge and have taught myself many things from books. Up until I was in my late 40s, I mainly only read things for learning. Now I read for pleasure!

  3. Thank you for sharing all those pics over the four posts. I’ve loved looking at the dresses you made. They are amazing, and some of the fabrics I would LOVE to have in my stash!

  4. You are very talented; I absolutely love the first dress with the big belt, it’s very elegant and stylish. Where do you sell your stuff, online?

  5. wow!! they are amazing! I love them all but speecially the white one! It looks so natural and bright!
    what a nice job!

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