Photo Challenge Days 6-14

6 Chair

Day 6: Chair – the chair in my room

7 Fear

Day 7: Fear – that it will rain all summer!

8 Favourite

Day 8: Favourite – spending time with my favourite person (my boyfriend)

9 Faceless Self Portrait

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait – messing with the settings on my camera to get maximum blur as I moved

10 I Want

Day 10: I want… – Nemo wants all the pennies!

11 Important

Day 11: Important – my brother is 21 today!!

12 Into The Distance

Day 12: Into the distance – the sun, treetops and clouds

13 Sound

Day 13: Sounds – Hello Kitty headphones, a present from my brother last Christmas!

14 Tasty

Day 14: Tasty – yummy pizza lunch with my boyfriend

How are you getting on with the challenge?

Days 1-5 here.

Love Lou xoxox


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