March Photo Challenge Days 1-5

March already?! Here is the challenge:


1 L is for

Day 1: L is for… Ladybug Brooch!

2 I Made This

Day 2: I Made This! – Summer dress made last month. Can’t wait to wear!

3 Keys

Day 3: Keys – Bunch of fancy keys from an old necklace.

4 Lucky

Day 4: Lucky – Lucky Penny/Coin

5 Under

Day 5: Under – the trees, the sky and the sun!

Are you doing the challenge this month? How are you finding it? I am enjoying it much more than the February challenge so far!

See pics daily on tumblr (link) and instagram: @louslabyrinth

Love Lou xoxox


20 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge Days 1-5

    • I usually just sell the items I have made for myself that I don’t like or didn’t come out how I wanted. I occasionally make things for friends and family as well 🙂 xoxox

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