Photo Challenge Days 23-28

Here are the last few picture from the FMS February photo a day challenge.

23 Word

Day 23: A Word – Dream, the new plaque in my bedroom

24 Cloud

Day 24: Cloud – night scene with the moon. The cloud formed a bird silhouette

25 Bedside Table

Day 25: My Bedside Table – just an average beside table

26 Quiet

Day 26: Quiet – Walked past the library on the way home from my DV course

27 Playing

Day 27: Playing – with straws with Nemo, he likes them better than real toys!

28 Upside Down

Day 28: Upside Down – retro telephone box found on a walk

I am glad this month is over as I found some of the prompts uninspiring and uninventive (especially ‘your fridge’, ‘bedside table’ and ‘fork’). What did you think of the challenge this month?

I am however looking forward to next month, it seems to have much better prompts. Will you be doing the March challenge?


Days 1-5 here
Days 6-12 here
Days 13-17 here
Days 18-22 here
instagram: @louslabyrinth

Love Lou xoxox


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Days 23-28

  1. I so agree about the prompts this month, some seem to be ones from the very recent past, like ‘in your fridge’ (I hated that one the first time – boring!). I do seem to have got into the photo a day habit and want to fill the year. I wrote March’s down, but didn’t take much notice, so fingers crossed for inspiration! I do like your upside down phone box.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Same here, going to try to do a whole year 🙂 Hopefully, I think the better weather (fingers crossed) will help! 😀 looking forward to seeing your March pics too 🙂 xoxox

  2. :O I’m in love with Nemo >.<
    Last week, when I was at Barberino, we entered on that shop and there was this ._. huge man and he passed near me, I heard some weird noises and was "ugh so huge and has a funny voice" and then turned my head to watch him and O.o he has a parrot on his shoulder 😀
    Oh my! the parrot kept going from one shoulder to the other, playing with him, sooooo cute!!! I wanted to take a picture of him but was afraid to ask XD
    Mazing pictures as usual =)

  3. Wow! Great pictures. I had a pink Sony cyber shot for years but, the salt water ruined the lens last spring on a fishing trip. I was told it wasn’t worth repairing 😦 My boys gave me a purple water proof cyber shot for Christmas. I love it because its so small. Love my Rebel (I’ve had it for 10 yrs) but its difficult to travel with sometimes.

    • Thank you so much! Ohh no! Poor camera. At least the new one is waterproof so definitely won’t get ruined if wet. I will have to check mine now you have said! Thanks for the tip. Same here, it’s such a small camera and easy to use but the pictures come out great! Yeah, I know what you mean, I have the same problem with other camera 🙂 xoxox

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