Pink Fur Nails!

I called into Superdrug with my boyfriend last week and he spotted this MUA ‘nail fur’. It sounded pretty cool so I picked up the hot pink to test it out. Here are the results:


I only did the one furry nail on each hand to test it out and see how long it lasts for. I was surprised that it lasted for just over 3 days before slightly chipping/wearing away on the edge.


It was definitely easier to use than I expected. Just paint your nails and dip them into the fur until all of your nail is covered. I did 2 coats of the fur as I found one coat still had a lot of nail showing through. I was lucky as my Bourjois Paris nail varnish matched pretty much perfectly!




Have you tried fur nails? What did you think?

Love Lou xoxox


34 thoughts on “Pink Fur Nails!

  1. I thought it would be similar to scratching the nail polish to look like fur but reading your comments it actually feels furry! Now, that is cool. It looks fab and the nail polish colour is lovely; I love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh!! My friend told me about these, but she hasn’t tried them yet!!! Does any of it come off?? I would be worried about it getting caught in my hair or something!!

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