Bejewelled iPod Case Tutorial

I brought this iPod case from eBay and thought it was nice but still kind of plain.


I decided that I had some jewels lying around so I could easily add to it and have it exactly how I wanted it. I also wanted to do this with a plain case for my iPad but couldn’t seem to find one!

All you need is:
– A hard case for your iPod/iPad/phone/kindle/case you want to bejewel.
– Strong glue
– Jewels
– Glitter glue

Firstly, I stuck all of the big jewels on with the strong glue and left it to dry overnight.


The next day I covered in between the jewels with glitter glue and then placed on the small jewels. Again leave it to dry overnight and you are done!


Go out and show off your new bejewelled case!

You are not restricted to just using jewels, you can stick on whatever so get creative! If I can find a cheap iPad case I will do a tutorial using other treasures to decorate it.

Let me know if you decide to bedazzle any of your cases!

Love Lou xoxox


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