Naughty Pigeon

I finally got some pictures of the naughty pigeon in my garden. We put the bird feeder out for all of the small birds who struggle through winter but this pigeon wont let any other birds on there! He always flies away when I try to get pictures of him but I tricked him by using zoom 😉

DSC07110 DSC07112 DSC07114 DSC07115 DSC07116 DSC07117 DSC07118 DSC07119

What birds do you have in your garden?

Love Lou xoxox


8 thoughts on “Naughty Pigeon

  1. We had a little dusting here in Chicago this morning, but the sun came out and it was a nice cold day. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “Sun Help Me, My Limbs are Frozen”.

  2. That sounds very familiar! I have a couple of bird feeders in my garden to attract wild birds, but so far I can see only pigeons .. (and blackbirds lately) Though, once I saw a squirell balancing upside down on the fence and trying to get the sunflower seeds out of a small hole in a cylindrical feeder designed for small birds.. That was very funny 🙂

  3. Wood pigeons are always snacking in my garden too
    but then I don’t mind as long as they are enjoying it, there
    is always plenty to go round and what the birds don’t eat
    the grey squirrels finish off 🙂 lol

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