Photo Challenge Days 6-12

6 Soft

Day 6: Soft – Mr Pickles fluffing up for fusses

7 Your Name

Day 7: Your Name – my baby bracelet

8 Something Orange

Day 8: Something Orange – Lentils

9 Guilty Pleasure

Day 9: Guilty Pleasure – Krispy Kremes I brought for Valentines for my family

10 3 O Clock

Day 10: 3 O’Clock – Picking lace for on my newly made summer dress!

11 Entrance

Day 11: Entrance – Abandoned cabin in the park no longer has an entrance

12 Where I Ate Lunch

Day 12: Where I Ate Lunch – Shared my sandwich crusts with the baby swan

How have you been finding the challenge? (or another photo challenge?)

Days 1-5 here

Check out @louslabyrinth on instagram for all of the photos from 1st January.

Love Lou xoxox


11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Days 6-12

  1. Lou I love your photo cooking sequences. And I love Galah’s, I have had a few, they are such characters aren’t they, sadly the last one was eaten by an olive python! Keep it up Girl.

    • Thank you so much! They are very cheeky birds. Ohh noo! Poor galah. Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated. Forwarded your blog to my Dad and Brother as they are bikers too 🙂 xoxox

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