Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the year of the snake and I’m hoping for a good once since I was also born in the year of the snake.

Thought I would do some interesting facts about people born in the year of the snake so here it goes!
– Key characteristics: Acute, Aware, Cunning, Proud, Vain, Vicious.
– Color Preference: Red
– Gems and Stones: Topaz, Jasper, Bloodstone
– Suitable Gifts: binoculars, Tarot cards, oils and lotions, stamp collection
– Hobbies and Pastimes: Astrology, painting, touring, photography
– Snakes Dislike: Being interrupted, being mislead personally or professionally, failure

I also found out that there are different snakes depending on you star sign! I’m a Libra Snake which is described as:
– One of the most beautiful breeds of the Snake, Libran Snakes are graceful and kind. They are always being pursued by someone interested in them and fall deeply in love with the right partner.

For more information on the snake or any other of the chinese zodiac signs click here.

How do you feel about the year of the snake in 2013? How will you be celebrating?

Love Lou xoxox


5 thoughts on “Chinese New Year!

  1. Yay! There are also elements associated with each year, so this year it is the Year of the Water Snake (or Black Snake). I don’t celebrate it, but I do appreciate the decorations and festivities around Chinatown 🙂

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