Glitter Nails!

I went for glitter nails this week!


These nails are great as they go with pretty much anything and everything!DSC06388These are the nail polishes I used:


I love the glitter, I brought it from Sephora in Portugal. We used to have Sephora here in the UK but sadly now it is gone. So every time I go on holiday I always check for a Sephora to pick up a few high quality goodies!

Do you have a Sephora where you live?

Love Lou xoxox


4 thoughts on “Glitter Nails!

  1. I love this nail polish! Thankfully, I do have a Sephora. I try to mostly stay away because I get sucked in and end up spending lots of money!

    • Thank you! It’s one of my favourite glitter ones. Ahh you are lucky, I think I would have to avoid it as well or I’d be spending a fortune in there buying pretty much everything haha! xxx

  2. Love the glitter and how it “eases” into the color of your nail bed. I should find a brown/gold glitter for my own. As much as I love glitter polish I liken it to a night out at the bars: fun at night, but a rough morning ahead. Glitter polish: fun during the week, a nightmare to remove!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I have to agree, such a nightmare to remove! Think it’s totally worth it though (probably just because I love glitter THAT much haha). Glitter nail varnishes do seem to last longer than normal polishes though so I guess that’s a plus. I hope you find the perfect glitter colours 🙂 xoxox

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