Dammit Janet!

From the first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show, aged 16, I loved it. The costumes, the song and the characters are all amazing. It definitely has to be one of my favourite musicals of all time. If you haven’t seen it you definitely should, it is a classic.

So when I found out that Rocky Horror was playing at  the Alexandra theatre in Birmingham I decided that I had to go! My Mom and I got tickets for the show and then found out that it was the 40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror. No better time to go see it!



On the 29th January we finally went and it was possibly even better than I expected!




My only small disappointment was that Magenta didn’t have her classic maid outfit and red hair, they gave her black hair and a black outfit.


Also, if you are a Rocky Horror fan I recommend the Glee Rocky Horror episode. Very enjoyable! But then as you know I am a massive Gleek 😉

Do you like Rocky Horror? Have you seen it at the theatre? Who is your favourite character?

Love Lou xoxox


4 thoughts on “Dammit Janet!

  1. Never was able to sit all the way through this. Oh well…thus goeth the world. Come read some good poetry instead—I won’t rain squirt pistol shots and slices of toast upon thee! Jonathan Caswell, bythemightymumford.wordpress.com

  2. I love love love love love Rocky Horror! I usually watch the movie on Halloween, and I’ve seen the play once. I saw the play when the audience gets involved and yells things like “you slut!” to Janet and stuff like that. And people were also dressed in costumes. So much fun!

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