Cheese Sauce & Pasta Tutorial

I made a delicious cheese sauce the other day and decided to share the recipe/tutorial. Cheese sauce is a great base for loads of classic meals, such as macaroni cheese, moussaka and lasagne. I combined the cheese sauce with filled pasta, specifically prosciutto crudo & cheese cappelletti (sounds fancy, I know πŸ˜‰ ). You can pick up these filled pastas in loads and loads of flavours in any supermarket.

Here’s what it looked like:


Ready To Eat

Here’s what you will need:
– Milk (any kind)
– Flour (plain)
– Butter or Margarine
– Cheese (any kind)
– Black Pepper (for flavouring)
– Filled Pasta



Firstly, add the butter to the pan and warm it slowly until it is completely melted.



Take off the heat and add a scoop of flour.

DSC06203Mix the flour in to make a thick paste (add more flour if needed).

DSC06206Next add a small amount of milk. Mix with a whisk and not a normal spoon or it will go lumpy!

DSC06207Put the pan back onto the heat but keep it low. Add small amounts of milk at a time to make sure it does not go lumpy and do not stop stirring!


Add milk Β to the mixture until you have the required amount of sauce.


Keep stirring and turn up the heat until the mixture starts boiling.

DSC06222Turn the heat the low again and add the cheese.



Stir in the cheese until it is fully melted. You can always taste the sauce now to see if you would like to add more cheese to make it taste creamier.


Add black pepper for flavour. I add quite a lot as I like the taste but if you don’t like pepper you can skip this step or add a different spice/flavouring.


Mix the pepper in fully.


Looks delicious right? πŸ˜‰
Next we cook the pasta.

DSC06236Get another pan and add a few salt rocks for flavouring.

DSC06237Add water to the pan. You can use cold water from the tap but I usually use water boiled in the kettle as it is quicker.


Bring the water to the boil (until it is bubbling quite a lot).


Tip the pasta into the pan.


Use a fork to push the pasta down into the water to make sure all of the pasta is fully cooked.


These fresh pastas do not take long to cook. You can tell they are cooked by change in colour and they also swell up slightly. If you are unsure just taste one to make sure.


Strain the pasta into a colander over a sink and let any excess water drain out.


When the pasta is fully drained of water slowly add it into cheese sauce.

DSC06253Fold them into the sauce carefully to ensure they do not split open. Make sure they are fully mixed together.

DSC06257Put into a bowl and enjoy!

DSC06263The great thing with cheese sauce is that you don’t need precise measurements, just add in the amount you think and keep tasting if you are unsure (mainly during the first few times you make it).

Let me know if you decide to try the recipe and if you enjoy it!

Love Lou xoxox


9 thoughts on “Cheese Sauce & Pasta Tutorial

  1. I’d love to try your recipe but I am such a clutz in the kitchen. I love love love filled pasta ! We call them “ravioli” in France, I think we are just using the Italian name.

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