Sewing History Part 1

My Mom was a self taught sewer and made all of my cute clothes as a kid (see pics for 2 of the dresses she made for me).

ill scratch your eyes out

With my Dad and brother on holiday (loving my posing :’) LOL)

oh mickey mouse

Meeting Mickey with my brother in Disneyland Florida

She also let me use her machine (supervised) from around 6/7 to make clothes for my dolls and teddys, after teaching me a few basics. We were always being arty or crafty in some way, as she tried to keep me entertained! But, as all kids do, I got to an age where it wasn’t cool to wear clothes made by your mom and my crafting and sewing kind of fizzled out. When I reached 16 I found a love for vintage style clothes (mainly dresses) but I found no store brought clothes fit me how I wanted them to, even the ridiculously expensive ones. This is when I became interested in sewing again. I started off with a few basic skirts (here are my faves)


South Park Skirt


‘Circus’ Skirt (the stripes remind me of the circus!)


Starry Sky Skirt


Purple Lace Skirt


Sparkle Skirt

Sadly, I couldn’t find pictures for most of my old favourites that I made while learning the basics. The main one that sticks in my mind is a cute Alice in Wonderland style dress. So cute! Here are a few early projects I could find images of:


Corset with full skirt


Corset with ruffle skirt


Basic leopard dress

I wish I still had most of them so I could retake pictures but most of them became too big and I sold them on eBay.

What were your first sewing projects like? Do you still have them?

Love Lou xoxox


7 thoughts on “Sewing History Part 1

  1. You have a wonderful mother who share a world with you in the most beautiful way. The home made skirts and clothes are pretty. My mom used to teach me and my siblings how to cook and do household stuff. I wish I paid more attention cause they were a priceless times and moments . Thanks. Best wishes!

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