Nail Stickers Tutorial

So I found out about nail stickers on the Dainty Squid blog (nail post link here). I always wondered how people got such precise patterns on their nails, now I know the secret too and thought I would share it with you 😉

I found Kaylah’s blog at the end of last year and it is amazing. Seriously, go check it out! (blog link here). I got the nail stickers on eBay (here) and they came super quick and with free delivery! The stickers are great quality and easy to use. Also, the lady who sells them is lovely and very helpful. I highly recommend this seller.

On with the tutorial…
Firstly, paint a coat, or two (depending on what is needed) of the colour you wish to paint first. I painted on two coats of the plain red first. Wait for this to thoroughly dry or the sticker will mark or pull of this nail varnish. When it is 100% dry and hardened de-sticky the stickers slightly with you fingers and stick them on as desired (see picture). Do not stick them on clothes to de-sticky as I did at first or you will end up with fluff stuck on your nails (silly me).

DSC05965Next, paint on the second colour of your choice. I chose glitter red because I loveee glitter! Paint slightly onto the sticker to make sure you have completely covered the part of the nail you wish to paint. This way the pattern will be nicely defined (see pic).

DSC05967When this coat is fully dried and hardened carefully and slowly peel off the stickers one at a time. When all of the stickers are removed paint a top coat to protect your nails from chipping or pealing.

DSC05969Your nails are finished. Go out and show them off!


I also tried the wavy stickers out this weekend:

DSC06102 DSC06139These are the nail varnishes that I used:


Nail varnished used on my nails

Did you already know about nail stickers? What is your favourite way to do your nails?

Love Lou xoxox


4 thoughts on “Nail Stickers Tutorial

    • Ohh no! That must be terrible 😦 I hope you can find something to help, maybe a cream or oil as well as buffing regularly? (My Mom finds these useful with her dry ridged nails, hope this helps) xoxox

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