Latest Obsession: Wooden Brooches!

Just lately I am obsessing over wooden brooches! Here are a few of my favourites:

Scout Brooch by pannikin (link)

Moose Brooch by MillyMilkVille (link)

Fox Brooch by goldenspleen (link)

Cute Brooch by HappyDoodleLand (link)

Rainbow Cloud Brooch by JettasNest (link)

Typewriter Brooch by TheFlyingTeapotShop (link)

Octopus Brooch by violinoviola (link)Tree Brooch by popcorntree (link)

Love Brooch by EcoWood (link)

Bakewell Brooch by Rockcakes (link)

Bird Brooch by fionamacneil (link)

Bowlboy Brooch by Nessleee (link)

Dandy Brooch by lepetitpot (link)

Motel Brooch by kateslittlestore (link)

Hedgehog Brooch by Rockcakes (link)

Do you like wooden brooches? Which is your favourite?

I think I might see what it takes to make them and might have a go at it. Let me know if you can/do make them. I think my Grandad might have one of the wood burning tools somewhere. I’ll keep you posted!

Love Lou xoxox


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