Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Some more snowy and icy pictures from yesterday.




Icicles and snowy roofs


People sledding in the park


Trees and snow


Stream and snow


Pond Scene


Half Icy Pond




Frozen Pond


Tree Tops


Twig Close Up


Some colourful leaves in the snow


Frozen Pond Scene


Tree Top


Icy Pond

And some cute snowmen we found on our travels!
DSC07250DSC07254Is it snowy where you are?

Love Lou xoxox


57 thoughts on “Walking In A Winter Wonderland

  1. Gorgeous photos! I never get tired of seeing beautiful snowy landscapes. I adore the photo with the swans on the lake! Great capture!

    It’s definitely not cold here in Florida! We’ve had some overcast, slightly chilly (chilly for us is in the 60s) days. Most of the people I know are actually pretty sad we didn’t get even a glimpse of a cold winter.

    • Thank you! You are lucky living somewhere that is nice and warm all year. We also never normally get this much snow so it’s very exciting, I’m running around like a kid! Haha. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for some snow! xoxo

  2. Very nice photos. I love the frozen pond images. I used to live near a pond and just recently found out that it’s now a parking lot. The whole area is now developed. Not much left except for a few state parks.

    • Thank you. Ohh no, that is terrible! They are doing that to a lot of ponds and parks here also. I think it’s nice to have some green and wildlife in cities and would definitely miss having the park just down the road from my house. Loving your nature pictures, they are wonderful!

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  4. where i live now in the south, the only part about the snow i do not miss is having to shovel it. those cold winter days, having icicles growing on my mustache and beard; such great memories 😀
    and thanks for visiting my blog, The National Harold-Gazette. stay warm!

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  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Its very cold here in Upstate NY today–I feel sorry for the guy who finally came out to fix our septic today that was installed improperly. maybe once the water’s turned back on I’ll make him a cup of coffee.

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