Week Summary

Its snowing!


Last week I…

Finally finished my postgrad application! Yay! Fingers crossed I will get a place or at least an interview!

Went to a board game party (more fun than it sounds, I promise!).

Only 4 gym passes left to use up and my Mom and I are feeling MUCH fitter! Not sure we will be able to use them up in time with all this snow though.

Went on a snowy adventure!


I’m the one with the Hello Kitty backpack

Managed to fit in a few more Lost episodes. I forgot how good it was!

Mollies Makes and Cloth magazines came in the post (see inside here)

I got these amazing necklaces/collars from Wallis (only £5 for both!)


I also got these the other week, only £5 from Office! Cannot wait until the weather gets better and I can wear them.


We have this naughty pigeon in our garden who keeps trying to avoid me taking his picture, but I finally managed to get him when he wasn’t looking!


I also found it really hard to pick my ‘Two Things’ picture of the day:

DSC05489 DSC05491

In the end I went for a picture of my gloves:

16 Two Things

Which one do you like best?

What did you get up to last week?

Love Lou xoxox




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