January Photo Challenge

This year I decided to participate in the fat mum slim photo challenge. More details below and click the picture for more details/link to FMS Blog.

Click for the link


Here are my first 6 pictures. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up for the whole year! Did anyone else take on this challenge? What challenges have you set yourself for 2013?

Day 1: Today – Spent the 1st in my pjs on my iPad


Day 2: Something New – My new pocket watch came in the post!


Day 3: Heart – Heart coin given to me by my Mom


Day 4: The View From Here – Went to see Robinson Crusoe at the theatre!


Day 5: Movement – Cars on a walk at night


Day 6: Mine – My lovely family


Check out my Instagram (@louslabyrinth) and Tumblr for daily updates!

Have a great week!

Lou xoxox


6 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge

    • It is great fun to do and some of the challenges really get you thinking and trying to improve your creativity. Maybe you should consider joining in from February! Thanks for your encouragement xoxo

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