End of January Photo Challenge

Here are the last few pictures from the FMS January photo challenge.

27 Sun

Day 27: Sun – coming through the kitchen window

28 Through

Day 28: Through – through the looking glass (into my bedroom)

29 Grow

Day 29: Grow – my baby cacti (and heart plant?)

30 Down

Day 30: Down – looking down my stairs

31 Yourself

Day 31: Yourself – me before going out for a day of shopping!

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And here is Februarys Photo Challenge:

Will you be attempting the challenge this February?

Love Lou xoxox


Sewing History Part 1

My Mom was a self taught sewer and made all of my cute clothes as a kid (see pics for 2 of the dresses she made for me).

ill scratch your eyes out

With my Dad and brother on holiday (loving my posing :’) LOL)

oh mickey mouse

Meeting Mickey with my brother in Disneyland Florida

She also let me use her machine (supervised) from around 6/7 to make clothes for my dolls and teddys, after teaching me a few basics. We were always being arty or crafty in some way, as she tried to keep me entertained! But, as all kids do, I got to an age where it wasn’t cool to wear clothes made by your mom and my crafting and sewing kind of fizzled out. When I reached 16 I found a love for vintage style clothes (mainly dresses) but I found no store brought clothes fit me how I wanted them to, even the ridiculously expensive ones. This is when I became interested in sewing again. I started off with a few basic skirts (here are my faves)


South Park Skirt


‘Circus’ Skirt (the stripes remind me of the circus!)


Starry Sky Skirt


Purple Lace Skirt


Sparkle Skirt

Sadly, I couldn’t find pictures for most of my old favourites that I made while learning the basics. The main one that sticks in my mind is a cute Alice in Wonderland style dress. So cute! Here are a few early projects I could find images of:


Corset with full skirt


Corset with ruffle skirt


Basic leopard dress

I wish I still had most of them so I could retake pictures but most of them became too big and I sold them on eBay.

What were your first sewing projects like? Do you still have them?

Love Lou xoxox

Latest Obsession: Wooden Brooches!

Just lately I am obsessing over wooden brooches! Here are a few of my favourites:

Scout Brooch by pannikin (link)

Moose Brooch by MillyMilkVille (link)

Fox Brooch by goldenspleen (link)

Cute Brooch by HappyDoodleLand (link)

Rainbow Cloud Brooch by JettasNest (link)

Typewriter Brooch by TheFlyingTeapotShop (link)

Octopus Brooch by violinoviola (link)Tree Brooch by popcorntree (link)

Love Brooch by EcoWood (link)

Bakewell Brooch by Rockcakes (link)

Bird Brooch by fionamacneil (link)

Bowlboy Brooch by Nessleee (link)

Dandy Brooch by lepetitpot (link)

Motel Brooch by kateslittlestore (link)

Hedgehog Brooch by Rockcakes (link)

Do you like wooden brooches? Which is your favourite?

I think I might see what it takes to make them and might have a go at it. Let me know if you can/do make them. I think my Grandad might have one of the wood burning tools somewhere. I’ll keep you posted!

Love Lou xoxox

Nail Stickers Tutorial

So I found out about nail stickers on the Dainty Squid blog (nail post link here). I always wondered how people got such precise patterns on their nails, now I know the secret too and thought I would share it with you 😉

I found Kaylah’s blog at the end of last year and it is amazing. Seriously, go check it out! (blog link here). I got the nail stickers on eBay (here) and they came super quick and with free delivery! The stickers are great quality and easy to use. Also, the lady who sells them is lovely and very helpful. I highly recommend this seller.

On with the tutorial…
Firstly, paint a coat, or two (depending on what is needed) of the colour you wish to paint first. I painted on two coats of the plain red first. Wait for this to thoroughly dry or the sticker will mark or pull of this nail varnish. When it is 100% dry and hardened de-sticky the stickers slightly with you fingers and stick them on as desired (see picture). Do not stick them on clothes to de-sticky as I did at first or you will end up with fluff stuck on your nails (silly me).

DSC05965Next, paint on the second colour of your choice. I chose glitter red because I loveee glitter! Paint slightly onto the sticker to make sure you have completely covered the part of the nail you wish to paint. This way the pattern will be nicely defined (see pic).

DSC05967When this coat is fully dried and hardened carefully and slowly peel off the stickers one at a time. When all of the stickers are removed paint a top coat to protect your nails from chipping or pealing.

DSC05969Your nails are finished. Go out and show them off!


I also tried the wavy stickers out this weekend:

DSC06102 DSC06139These are the nail varnishes that I used:


Nail varnished used on my nails

Did you already know about nail stickers? What is your favourite way to do your nails?

Love Lou xoxox

Last Snow Photos

As promised, here are last few snow pictures taken early last week. Click on any picture to see it full size. Going to have to find more stuff to photograph now 😉


Bird nestled in the tree


Misty scene in the park


Frozen Pond


Tree stump covered in snow


Interesting pattern on the tree


Snowy Trees


Leafy bushes covered in snow


Pond Island




We found a glove!


Snow Landscape


No Ball Games


Snowy Garages


Manor House, Where the Cadbury family lived late 1800’s-early 1900’s (yes, as in the chocolate!)


And I couldn’t resist another snowman

I am secretly hoping for some more snow in a few weeks. Do you like it when it snows?

More of my snow pictures here:
Snow Day
Another Snow Day
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Love Lou xoxox

This Week…

So this week started off with more snow and it was freezing!


Wrapped up and ready to go to work in the snow!

My Mom and I went to feed the poor ducks at the park a few days in a row, they are so hungry! (see post here)

I have a few more snow pictures to post (should be up early next week).


Another couple feeding the ducks

 My cross stitch magazines came in the post. I subscribed to each one for 5 issues for £5 (Bargain!). Click here for a link.


Cross Stitch Magazines and free gifts!

I started the free gift bunny card on Saturday so I will post when it is finished (hopefully next week).


Free gift I’m currently working on

On Thursday I went to the Pantomime for the second time. I went with my Mom on the 4th Jan, this time I went with my boyfriend.


Robinson Crusoe Pantomime

My heart box necklace came in the post. It’s even nicer than I expected!


Heart Box Necklace



I painted my nails using my new nail stickers, a tutorial dedicated to this should be up next week! Here is a preview of them:


Nail Preview

I made a new Hello Kitty brooch for myself! Let me know if you would like a tutorial.


Handmade Hello Kitty Brooch

Here’s a great Nemo picture I took when he was fluffing up and yawning. He stretched up as I took the picture and his head was cut off! Still love this pic of him though. What do you think?


Nemo Action Shot

My Mom brought me the cutest little pen to add to my pen collection this week (pens are just one of the many, many things I collect). Do you have any collections?


Cutest Pen

I got up today (Sunday) and all of the snow is gone! It’s windy and cold still but the sun was out, which was good news for my pic of the day which is sun haha.


Sunny Morning

My Mom and I both have  a cold so we spent the weekend watching movies and eating a lot of junk food! I also made my brooch and started the bunny cross stitch so it hasn’t been a completely wasted weekend.

Finally, I will leave you this funny picture of Nemo, bless him, he is the cutest:


How was your week? What did you get up to?

Love Lou xoxox

Photo Challenge Days 23-26

23 Electric

Day 23: Electric – plasma lamp

24 Stripes

Day 24: Stripes – my diana film camera box (matches perfect in my room!)

25 Landscape

Day 25: Landscape – a snowy scene at my local park

26 Together

Day 26: Together – Nemo and Mr Pickles taking a nap together

One more post and January will be done! Decided I am definitely going to carry it on and probably attempt to do a photo a day for the whole of 2013! Are you doing any photo challenges? Are you enjoying it?

Day 1-5 here

Day 6-14 here

Day 15-22 here

Love Lou xoxox